NeNe Leakes and hubby on the verge of divorce

According to RadarOnline, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes and husband Gregg are on the verge of a divorce.
Leakes’ stepson, Damian Leakes,  spoke with RadarOnline exclusively about the couple’s current situation.  RadarOnline is reporting that  NeNe apparently owes her soon-to-be ex-husband $300,000; this was money that Gregg used to help make the NeNe a household name.

Damian Leakes, 34, told Radar that the “paperwork is being done.”

“Nothing has been filed, but lawyers have been retained,” Damian said.
“There are so many small intricate points that they’re asking for… talks about alimony and spousal support and Gregg is also trying to get $300,000 back but NeNe doesn’t want to give him anything.”
Last month NeNe stated that her and Gregg were still together, however Damian tells a different story. “She wants to keep the house and move on with her life,” he said. ” They’re trying to portray it as ‘we’re not getting divorced’ and they’re trying to work it out right now, but that’s not the case.”
Damian and his siblings had no clue Gregg had that kind of money to splurge on NeNe. They are all left wondering where it [the money] came from.

“That’s pretty much what the kids are trying to figure out because we never knew that that kind of money was available or within reach to put into that kind of project,” Damian said. “At the time when the show started was when we all started really bumping heads with NeNe and Gregg.”

Damian goes on to say that the money spent was used to portray a certain lifestyle.
“You have to keep up with the Joneses, so to speak,” Damian said. “He feels like he made her because he gave her a lifestyle everyone wanted to see. She feels like he should have supported her and had her back. NeNe does have a selfish quality and so does Gregg and eventually over time they’re going to butt heads like what they’re doing now.”


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