Nia Long’s JET Magazine Cover + Interview Snippets



Nia Long graces this week’s cover of JET magazine. In this issue,  which applauds Nia for  being fearless at 40, the actress discusses motherhood, success and friends in the industry. Read some snippets from her feature below.

On friends in the industry:
My social circle is a little bit different and so much better. You know every now and then you go through your Blackberry and go, ‘OK, is this person really worth taking up my megabytes?”‘ (Laughing)

On her success in Hollywood:
I’m very direct, always has been. But I think motherhood and maturing has definitely given me a level of compassion that is a lot more constructive, in terms of dealing with people…business. I just think I have a lot more insight on life and people. I live my life with INTEGRITY and HONESTY and sometimes it can be mistaken for arrogance, but it’s not arrogance at all. I have more patience with things of value in my life and less patience for the nonsense

On maturing into a grown woman and mother:
…It tickles me. I’m like, wow, I wasn’t even a mom then. I was just a young girl and I thought I knew everything and I’m such a different woman. It’s a moment in time where you can really reflect on who you were and that’s why film is so great because it’s timeless.
[“The Best Man”] does feel like yesterday, but then it feels like, ‘Who is that person I’m looking at?’ Forget about the character I’m playing, who is that woman, because I’m so different from who she was. The things that mattered to me back then don’t matter right now.

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