Celebrity Apprentice Cast Member Thinks NeNe Leakes Is “Unstable”

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

This season of The Celebrity Apprentice is like a drawn-out episode of Jerry Springer. And even though NeNe Leakes has been going around town bashing fellow cast mate Star Jones, from the way it looks on TV, NeNe is the one causing all the problems. Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk spoke with E! Online exclusively and from the looks of it, she thinks NeNe might be a little bit unstable.

“It’s a mess,” Hope Dworaczyk tells Mark Malkin of E! Online. “Celebrity Apprentice looks a lot like the commercials for Celebrity Rehab.”

Hope is currently competing on behalf of Best Buddies.  Apparently she had no issues with Real Housewives star until she became project manager. “I liked Nene a lot until I had to be her boss,” she said. “I like her a lot until about [tonight’s] episode. It got a little weird after that. I had to tell her what to do and I don’t think anybody wants to take direction from someone who is a lot younger than them.”

Dworacyk said that NeNe was unpredictable. “One minute she was crying and opening up about herself and sharing something about the past that’s very very personal, and the next minute, she’s yelling,” she explained. “I think you can call it unstable.”After dealing with NeNe, Hope doesn’t blame Star Jones for getting a bodyguard.”It was out of control,” Dworacyk said. “I think if I had been yelled at and attacked the way Nene gets in Star’s face, I would have wanted a bodyguard, too.”

If you’re waiting to see Star and NeNe get into it, tune unto Celebrity Apprentice next week, check your local listings for airtime.

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  1. Sally from the Valley

    Nene Leakes is on Celebrity Apprentice giving Black women a bad name! She is the most ghetto, illiterate, attention seeker on the show. Next week we get to see the real Nene since she’s been trying to give Donald Trump the impression that she is not a hood rat! Nene is so jealous of Star because she doesn’t hold a candle to her. Nene is nothing but a big kangaroo looking cyclop with that bum eye that twitches around all the time!!

  2. I love watching this show, so congratulations to Donald Trump and all those that put it together. It is what you really call ENTERTAINMENT. Secondly, Nene Leakes, needs to understand that in todays world, we do not tolerate bullying and this is what she is, a bully. Bullies, gets more aggressive too, if they are confronted with someone calm and composed. Star Jones, is what you call a true professional. A woman that understands how to behave. A woman that has a high degree of intelligence, maturity and professionalism. Sadly, Nene Leakes, is the opposite. She is aggressive, abusive, ruthless, rude and cruel. Personally the only reason Latoya Jackson sided with Nene is maybe because she is afraid of her. Latoya comes across some what fagile and one reason for this is could very well be the fact she lost a brother. If she was in her right set mind, she would remember that it wasnt long ago that she was called an Old Woman by Nene and told to dress her age. These are words said out of jealousy and because the one firing the shots, being Nene in this case, wouldnt be able to wear the clothes that Latoya can wear, look fantastic in and get away with. Nene, needs help, because she has a behaviour that could be a problem for the contestants. Congratulations to Star Jones, for standing her ground and remaining composed when Nene acted like a deliquent. Go Star as that is exactly what you are….Look after your health as well and may you win the show!!!

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