Beyonce Set To Perform “Run The World (Girls)” On Final Episode Of Oprah [Photos]

With the last Oprah Winfrey Show only a week away, it’s no surprise that Oprah got Beyonce to perform. The “Single Ladies” singer touched down at  Chicago’s United Center today (May 17) to be a part of the finale.  Bey will be performing her new song, “Run The World (Girls).”  From the pictures, you can see that Beyonce is wearing a tux- leotard. And she is working it!

The Oprah Winfrey Show fired off the following tweets as the performance was happening:

“@Beyonce’s entrance was unreal & now she is performing ‘Girls’ with the crowd on their feet,” The Oprah Show tweeted.

UsWeekly had this to say about the performance: “@Beyonce is rockin’ out singing her new single ‘Run the World (Girls).’The face on @Oprah’s face is PRICELESS.”

And lastly, Tom Hanks chimed in with: “I don’t know what Beyonce recruiting for, but I’m signing up.”

Check out some pictures from the performance collected via Twitter.


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  1. Everybody go to youtube. Theres a remix of this single produced by this guy name Fyuchur. Its Hot!! Even her fans love it

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