Ask L.I.M.E. – He Took Me To Friday’s For Our First Date & Now I’m Turned Off


Let me preface this by saying I’m not a goldigger. I went on a date with a guy a few days ago that i met thru a friend. Before the date he asked me where i wanted 2 go. I told him it didn’t matter which was a mistake. So the day before our date he tells me he’s taking me somewhere special so dress nice. Im like cool. So i get all dolled up, you know looking fly.

So he picks me up and we’re chatting it up in the car. I ask him where we going and he says we’re almost there. Next thing you know we’re in front of Fridays. So i’m think he’s kidding since he told me to dress nice. But no, he parks the car and comes over 2 my side to open my door. I get out and i’m still thinking this cat is joking. Who tells a woman to dress nice for Fridays, like where dey do that at??? So we walk in and its a friday night so u know there’s a bunch of bebe’s kids in the joint. Not to mention the damn floor was sticky as hell!! We eventually get seated and of course we’re next to these loud ass college kids.

I was too through, but i kept it cute. The food wasnt even good and most of the time i couldn’t hear him over the loud people around us. We finished our food and i told him i wasnt feeling too well so he’d take me home cuz there was no way he was getting any. I’m not high maintenance but this cat has a very good job and our phone conversations were always on point. He’s a really good dude. Maybe I shouldnt have left the planning to him. But what grown ass man takes a woman to Fridays for a ‘classy’ dinner. Aren’t I worth more than that? I mean damn I woulda been happier at McDonalds. He seem so oblivious to the fact that I was pissed off and annoyed! The whole date left a bad taste in my mouth, it turned me off and I don’t know if I want to see him again. Would you drop him if u were me?

Confused as hell!!

Dear Confused as hell,

First and foremost, a date or how much money a man spends on you does not determine your worth. There are plenty of men out there who will buy a woman anything they want and then turn around & cheat on them or treat them poorly. Always pay attention to the little things a guy does and how he treats you as a person.

I would honestly have to say that some of the fault falls on you. He did ask you where you wanted to go and who knows, maybe if you suggested a five-star restaurant he might have taken you there. By him asking you where you wanted to go, he was taking your needs into consideration. One thing we women tend to do is not speak up about what we want and then when we get the opposite, we get upset.

Now I don’t quite understand him asking you to dress nice for a eatery like Friday’s, but he might have had something else planned for after dinner, but since you asked him to take you home you never found out. Depending on the guy, some men don’t go all out for a woman unless they know she’s a ‘sure thing,’ but we can dismiss that since he once again asked you where you wanted to go. I know first impressions are lasting, but think of it this way he impressed you enough for you to agree to see him.

I assume that there were no issues prior to this date and you enjoyed speaking with him. It really just seems like you two got off on the wrong foot. I would suggest being more vocal next time around about where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do. You could also take the horse by the reigns and set the date up. Test the waters again and see what he does the second time around.  Don’t let a good guy slip away, there will be plenty of other women willing to grab him up.



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