Royce Reed’s Blunt Recap Of Episode 6. Of Basketball Wives

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed has been blogging for VH1 for quite some time now.  Reed normally tells it like it is, but this has to be by far, the most blunt blog she’s written to-date. Below you will find the blog in its entirety, where she calls Suzie a flip-flopper, calls Shaunie out on following the crowd and much more. Check it out below.


Okay, I’m super-irritated right now because I wrote my entire blog and was reading over it, and my computer went blue and restarted….Basically that means I lost everything and I had to start over. Maybe that was a good thing because the initial blog was pretty blunt and probably not the nicest. With that said…take two…

Sippin’ on Shallow

Imma make this fast because Teen Mom is about to come on…

Meeka, the shorts didn’t fit and Jen, no one believes you when you try to act all innocent pertaining to sex. Remember, leaked or not, you took nude photos of yourself on your camera phone. Just sayin’, you need more people.
Tami, girl you know I love you, but you definitely wanted to get under Meeka’s skin on the ride from the airport and at that dinner. You had me rolling. I see where we differ in handling our situations, which is probably why we get along so well. I don’t expect Jennifer to understand our relationship, because in her mind there cant be two alpha females in a friendship, someone has to be up the other one’s ass. With that said, you like to confront issues head on, I’d rather pretend a person doesn’t exist to the point I actually start to believe it and I don’t see them when they’re in my vicinity. Probably why I look at them like they’re a ghost and unfamiliar at times. However, when confronted, I will state my opinion, with no frosting.Maybe that’s why the last time I saw Evelyn and Jennifer, Evelyn decided to throw a glass and start a minor cat fight. SMH. Hmmm, maybe we need to find better ways to deal with the issues we have with others because it always seems to go left….or maybe not. HA!

Brian and I compliment each other well. He’s pretty laid back and I’m goofy and loud. He likes the fact that I’m super low-maintenance and can get ready in twenty minutes. He likes the fact that I don’t mind sweating and I wouldn’t go psycho if he threw me in the pool and got my hair wet. I think there’s something attractive about a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously and can have a deep conversation. I’m not jumping into another relationship, but I do like him. He’s nice on the eyes and can definitely handle his own. I do think I need to date more since I’ve never been a serial dater, but don’t worry, no one-night or first night stands over here. I think Meeka was out of line for even having an opinion about Brian when she barely knows me, and as for Suzie, she’s flip-floppy about everything, so I never take her statements too seriously. I do think she cares about my well being to a certain extent but I doubt any of these chicks would think anyone I’m with is right for me, which basically means they’re probably GREAT or hating…excluding Tami. Suzie LIKED Dwayne and you see what happened there. As I stated, he turned out to be the opposite of who I thought he was and that’s about as much as you will get about what happened to our relationship. Sorry Jen and Evelyn, I know you had a whole conversation wondering about what happened. :o)

I’m sorry if I didn’t look too upset about not going to Rome. I mean, I probably would’ve been a little upset if they’d gone somewhere I’ve never been, but that wasn’t the case. Then again, I’d probably want to go with people who actually care about the culture of another country vs. confronting my best friend for having an opinion that differed from my own. I, fortunately, with the jobs I’ve been blessed to have and the relationships I’ve been in, was afforded the opportunity to travel to five of the seven continents. Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland, by far, was my favorite, followed by Edelweiss, Germany in which we were able to see many of the sites from The Sound Of Music. I also saw many of the castles that we are so used to seeing in our history books. Both Iceland and Edelweiss are considered to be parts of Europe. Sorry for the history lesson, but I know if I didn’t elaborate many would think I was lying.

I don’t have much to say about Evelyn being that her conversations are always a shame…I mean THE same…it’s either about sex, sex toys, gettin’ laid, gettin’ someone else laid, gettin’ pregnant, or ME, and that’s if you get past the profanity.

I was a little taken aback by the conversation she had with Noe. Why is Evelyn so upset with Jen for having an opinion about her relationship? I’m sorry, but my friends tell me when they disagree, agree, love, or hate anything in my life. That’s a real friend. Their opinion matters. I wouldn’t expect Jen…let me take that back…an average friend to lie about or even cosign a relationship they don’t agree with. Maybe that’s why Jen has a false sense of what a true friend is and maybe that’s why Jen was is so upset with me for expressing my opinion TO HER about her photos. They both find it so easy to express their opinions about others past relationships and issues, especially Evelyn about Jen’s and even mine, but when the tables are turned, it’s not the same. Why is that? Basically, it’s Sippin’ on Shallow which is probably the REAL reason why Shaunie can chill with Evelyn and run from filming with me. She’d actually have to own up to her sh!t and have an intelligent conversation. I’m not a Yes Man. BUT, Speaking of Vashundya, did anyone else find it interesting she was the only one who kept saying no to me being invited to Rome and the others just cosigned.
I’m confused Shaunie, when you knew I had strep throat in Spain. But, if you don’t have a problem with me then why are you so against me? You decided to wipe your hands of me after the reunion when, last I remember, I said absolutely nothing to you. YET, you go to the blogs and radio stations attempting to spread rumors and bash me every chance you get. Why? Because I refuse to kiss your ass? You are NOT the Queen Bee to me. Keep throwing the rocks and hiding your hand pretending to be so over and beyond the drama because one day Imma throw that rock right back at you for the sh!t you start and try to run from. I smile because I’m happy but please don’t take it for a weakness. I hope Jen stands by her opinion and does not apologize.
Finally, Rome…I was a little shocked by how many of them turned their own issues on the fault of Meeka. Jen you should’ve kept your mouth shut! Why are you questioning the fact that Meeka and I have an understanding and were trying to build? I understand Tami, because she actually is my friend and NO, I didn’t expect her to stay home as a protest against me not being invited. That would’ve been dumb as hell. I would’ve helped her pack too, but she probably didn’t want to wear my booty shorts and high socks…go figure, lol.
Before you start talking about issues you know nothing about, you need to do your research. FYI, I am not being sued due to Twitter, since that’s been brought up twice. I WAS being sued for a blog site in which that count was dropped because they found out I wasn’t even registered on the site and neither of the computers I used or my family/immediate friends IP traces were connected to any of the posts either. Since you want to be so damn nosy maybe you should do the footwork so, in your words, you don’t look like the “Simple B!tch.” Since we’re on Twitter though, don’t play innocent when you’ve been talkin’ a whole lot of ish for the past few months and yes, honey you have my number too. Then again, you’re the one that kept running from filming with me, so I’m sure you only wrote that so your followers think you’re mature. Tami, thank you for sticking up for me and Suzie, I’m not upset with you for being quiet when I actually did give you the advice to lay low, listen, and love Rome.

Royce Reed Recaps Basketball Wives Episode 6 | Vh1 Blog

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  1. You go Royce, always stand up for yourself. Look @ it like this, at least your not a NON-FACTOR bytch, in the words of that low-life bytch Evelyn. I am glad that you know who you are, and don’t have to adorn yourself with material things, to make you shine. Real stars SHINE anyway, and all the time. You and Tami are my favorites, you two don’t put on airs, or fake it. Keep on keeping it real.

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