Gloria Govan On Draya, Matt Barnes, Sister Laura & More

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Gloria Govan is gearing up for the season premiere of Basketball Wives LA. Govan and her sister Laura are two of the cast members of the new VH1 show. In a recent interview, Govan dished on Draya‘s role on the show, her fiance Matt Barnes, her relationship with sister Laura and much more. Basketball Wives LA premieres on August 29 at  8 p.m. on VH1. Check out what Gloria had to say below.

Why did you decide to join the cast of “Basketball Wives L.A.?”

Gloria: I’m obviously a huge fan of the Miami show but when we moved to L.A. when Matt [Barnes] got traded to the Lakers, Shaunie [O’Neal] had offered me the opportunity to do the spin-off … this time you can be around people that you like and that you know and so that’s why. I like these girls and I had the opportunity to jump on board.

So why did you choose Draya Michelle? She’s not tied to a specific basketball player.

Gloria: Draya was chosen on the cast because we met Draya through acting class and she seemed like a real sweetheart. Not necessarily knowing her background per se, but just knowing she had some involvement. She kind of plays the role of Royce I guess you could say, in terms of her role on Basketball Wives L.A. That’s one of the reasons. We just wanted to give everybody a different dynamic, a 3D version of what we have to deal with as wives and different points of view

How are things with Matt? Do you have a date set for real? How’s that going?

Gloria: You said for real! No, we’re not married. Matt and I are good. We’re just kind of taking our time, just kind of getting to know each other. As we’ve expressed before, we’ve never lived alone. We’ve always had somebody live with us. We had kids really early in our relationship. So, this is our time, in terms of just kind of living with one another, getting to know each other, and really just kind of becoming friends because our relationship was so rushed … now that the dust has settled a little bit Matt and I are just kicking back and enjoying each other.

  How does it feel to have your sister involved? I think a lot of fans are excited to meet her.

Gloria: It was a lot of fun. My sister and I, we’re sisters, we compete, we argue, bicker … it’s all sisterly love but it was a lot of fun. My sister and I get along really well. We have our moments where we argue, her getting on my nerves and me getting on her nerves but it was a lot of fun. I’m excited that people are going to see a different side of Laura [Govan] and get her take on her situation and kind of get to see us interact as sisters.

You two seem very close. How did you feel with her and the whole thing with Gilbert, when she finally moved out there … and the fall out that happened?

Gloria: That whole situation is such a tricky situation. You have four kids with somebody. One is brand spanking new. I was kind of praying for her. I know she is a tough cookie but that’s a really tough situation; a really risky move and a bold move to do on your own. I applauded her action and I just support her 100%. I know she’s going through it. I’m just kind of here for support. And in some way, shape or form, I understand, being with a basketball player myself, and having moved cross country to different states several times. So, what she’s going through I understand and I’m just here for support

  What can fans expect to learn more about you on this series?

Gloria: I think with me on this series, you get to see me in a 3D version. You get to see me as a mom, you get to see me as a fiancee to Matt and you get to see me as an entrepreneur, business woman. I have so many different companies coming on board. I started an accessory company called HeadBanger Accessories. I just became the spokeswoman of an alcohol called HulaGirl Rum. We have a high end shoe brand coming out. [I’m] the vice president of Matt’s foundation. You get to see me on so many different levels … I’m really excited about it.

Source –On The 6th: News: Gloria Govan on Matt Barnes, Royce & More

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