Jennifer Hudson Discusses Motherhood, Weight-Loss & A New Album


Oscar-winner Jennifer Hudson has a lot of new ventures she’s taking on.

On top of being a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and guest-starring on SMASH, Hudson is balancing motherhood, keeping in shape and working on a new album.

On her son David Otunga Jr.beign an industry baby:

“He had a passport and an Oscar pass at 18 months – I mean, this is crazy!” she told YAHOO omg!  He’s an industry baby. I realize that he is growing up in a completely different way than anyone in our family. I am like, wow, how do we deal with this?”

On her son growing up so fast:

“He’s getting older and he’s going to be going to school soon and I am like … god I am not ready,” she laughed. “I want to be there. I want to be the mom who gets up and fixes breakfast, takes him to school, and picks him up.”

On losing more than 80 lbs:

“At one time, I wasn’t that girl,” she says. “It is a complete 360 [degrees] to not be that healthy figure and then to turn around and be like, ‘Oh my god. I am that figure. I am that idol of fitness.’ People are always saying, ‘I wanna get my JHud on.'”

On people still being surprised by her weight-loss:

“Weight loss is personal. You won’t succeed without that or you won’t be able to keep it off, because it has to be something to please yourself.”

On the controversy around the artwork for her debut studio album:

“My first album had a lot of controversy about the cover because they made me look so tiny and everyone was like, ‘She doesn’t look like that, she’s not that small.'”

On being a producer on her upcoming third studio album:

“I am loving the process this time around,” she says. “I am in the producer’s chair. I am very hands-on in every way you can imagine from lyrics to music to producing.”

JHud also revealed that she might re-create the album cover for her 2008 studio album, to showcase just how far she’s come.


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