Fantasia Barrino Covers UPSCALE Magazine [May]


upscale mag-fanny

Fantasia Barrino looks smokin’ on the May cover of Upscale magazine.

The singer is riding high off a stellar American Idol performance of her new song, “Lose To Win.” During her interview with the magazine, Barrino dishes on being candid, how she dealt with the rough patches in her life and on being comfortable in her own skin. Barrino’s new album, The Side Effects of You, is in stores now.

Check out some interview snippets below.


On being candid and honest:

“Everything that I’ve talked about and put out there, it’s helped someone. It might not have helped the person who had something smart to say or had a joke or whatever, but there’s 10 other people that’s inspired by my story. So I wouldn’t change anything. I’m just going to continue to be that person that is open and honest because that’s me, that’s Fantasia.”

On being comfortable herself:

“The first thing I want is peace, peace of mind. Being able to be comfortable in my own skin, being able to say ‘this is what I want to do’ instead of trying to please everybody else.”

On the rough times she went through:

The things that I go through, people go through everyday. I’ve had some rough times and some moments that I wouldn’t say I’m very proud of, but I can say that for me, I’m glad that I was able to let it out. I believe that’s when we become not real, that’s when we become fake—when we try to make things look like it’s just so perfect.”

Photo via Upscale
Source-  The Young, Black, and Fabulous

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