Hugh Hefner Admits to Sleeping with Over 1,000 Women, But Crystal Harris is the Best


Hugh Hefner lives up to the ‘Playboy’ name in every way.

During a recent interview with Esquire magazine, the mogul reveals that even though he can’t remember the exact number of women, he knows it was more than a handful.

“How could I possibly know?” the 86-year-old revealed. “Over a thousand, I’m sure.”

Hefner has put that life behind him and is now married to model Crystal Harris. The pair married on December 31, 2012 and even though Harris had some not-so-nice things to say about their sex life on Howard Stern, Hef is happy with his bride.

“All our friends think it’s made in heaven,” Hef added. “It’s only people who don’t know us, who simply see us as stereotypes in terms of age and beauty.”

“I just feel very, very fortunate to have found her at this stage in my life,” he gushed about his current wife. “I saved the best till last.”

He continued, “I want the rest of my life to be very much like it is now. I want it to be like this.”

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  1. Sure keep telling yourself that old man.

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