L&HHATL Stars Traci Steele and Babey Drew Cover ‘Rolling Out’ Magazine


Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta newcomers DJ Traci Steele and DJ Babey Drew cover the new issue of Rolling Out magazine. The pair may no longer be romantically involved, but the love they have for one another is still there. Check out some of what they had to say below.

How did you guys first meet?

DJ Babey Drew: I met her while interviewing her for a position at the radio station.

DJ Traci Steele: But I was already engaged to someone else at the time.

Traci: Someone had wrecked his car and she had to take him to work every day. And we had a lot in common. We’re both West Indian and he would play reggae in the car on the way to work.

Drew: We’ve always juggled our business and personal lives from day one.

Drew: I taught her how to make money. She taught me how to keep it. If I didn’t teach her how to make money she would not be the hustler she is. And if she didn’t teach me how to keep money, I wouldn’t have money today. It was like Ebony and Ivory. Peaches and Cream.

Was this a case of opposites attract?

Drew: We’re definitely different. This is definitely opposites attract. Because she’s loud and rambunctious. And I’m laid back. I’m not quiet at all. I’m just laid back. And to be honest, she’s the only woman who could just be yelling and I’m just like [waves his hand in a dismissive way] … Every other woman that has yelled at me in a relationship …

Traci: It pisses him off …

Drew: When they yell at me, it’s over. With her, it’s kind of funny.

When did the relationship get serious?

Traci: I was like 24, because I had bought my first house. And you took me to your parents. And your mother grilled the hell out of me. I don’t think she liked me … at first …

Drew: My mother don’t like anybody at first …

Traci: And we were driving home from meeting your mother and you said “I want you to be my girl.” And I was like “wow” [laughing].

Drew: You have elephant memory because I don’t remember any of it. I remember, but not the details.

Her: And I was like “OK.” And then you moved in.

Her: I was 24 when we started dating. I was 27 when I got pregnant. And I was 28 when I had my son.


For more with the dynamic duo, head over to RollingOut.com.

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