Iman Covers ‘The Edit’ Magazine



Net-A-Porter has released a new issue of its magazine, The Edit. And this time around, Supermodel Iman is on the cover.

Iman has always led a private life, but in this issue the model talks about how she keeps her personal business, just that…personal.

On her life after modeling:

“I’m not a model any more. I’m just me. I’m not working in front of a camera.”

On staying low-key and why her and husband David Bowie gravitated towards one another:

“The quiet part of it is intentional, because first of all I’m going to be 58 in July,” she says. “I wouldn’t lie about that, especially as a woman. So it has been a long career. Both David and I stay out of the celebrity thing. That’s why we gravitated towards each other, because we really feel that the personal should be separate from the professional. I’ve never had any members of the press in my home. Oprah [Winfrey] tried to photograph my closet. I said, ‘But it’s in the apartment and nobody steps in there.'”

On how her weight-gain gave her a fresh-face:

“My natural weight is 130 pounds and I’m 142 now. I was 160 when I was pregnant, so it’s a little too much for me. Still, I call it natural Botox. I look at myself in the mirror and I’ve never looked younger. It’s the weight I have put on,” she says. “In the west, we have become accustomed to needing to lose weight, right? But as we get older, for women especially, it makes us look a little haggard. So my consolation about this weight is that it’s given me a fresh face. The rest of it, I’m sitting on it.”

On living in NYC, but staying out of the spotlight:

“I still take my little girl to school,” Iman says. “David picks her up. It’s easier than any place we’ve ever lived. People are too cool to bother you.”



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