Daniel Radcliffe for Harper’s Bazaar

danielrad-4Daniel Radcliffe is way past his Harry Potter days, but it’s always nice to reflect. The actor chats with Harper’s Bazaar about the magical wizard, expression his emotions and more.

On his Harry Potter image:
“I used to worry that any facial expression I made, people would see Harry. I was proud of ‘The Woman in Black,’ but there were points where I still saw Potter. In the last two years I’ve got my fitter, which has given me confidence. I had a moment just before ‘Kill Your Darlings,’ when I was like, ‘Your face is always going to be the same as the one that played Harry Potter. You’ve just got to forget about that.'”

On not expressing emotions:
“There was some part of me as a kid that thought I was not allowed to express anything negative about my life. The expectation of me is that I should just be delighted all the time. I do have a wonderful life and I’ve been very fortunate, but in the last few years I’ve been going, ‘You do have a wonderful life, but you also have a very weird life at times and you are allowed to have feelings about that.’ I am generally upbeat though.”

On his schedule way from home
“I’m only tired when I get home. At work, I’m a ball of energy. I’ve always been on set, with a sense of structure. if you take that away, I don’t know what to do with myself.”

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