Faith Hill, Tim McGraw Cover VEGAS Magazine



Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill collectively cover the December issue of VEGAS.

Despite the rumors, Hill and McGraw are still going strong as a couple. In this joint interview, the pair discuss their kids, working together, going on tour and much more.

Check out some snippets from their Vegas interview below.

On their careers:
“It’s not like, ‘Well, now we’ve gotten to a point in our career where we’re not touring anymore and we’re not gonna make records and we’re not gonna do this or that, so we’re gonna go to Vegas and play.’ Everything that we want to do in our careers is available. So we can pick and choose and do the things that we want to do, and line ’em up in a way that works for our lives.”

On stadium vs. theaters tours:
“The big difference is in between songs and when you’re talking to the audience. You can talk to everybody, and in a lot of cases you can hear people [respond]. And that’s when it becomes fun and it becomes sort of [spontaneous]. And it also becomes a relationship in a different way than it is in a big arena. In this theater you really feel like you get to know the audience in a different way. And I feel like they get you to know you in a different way.”

On their relationship painted in songs:
“Being exposed like [‘I Need You’] in a song relationship-wise, especially for us and our 17 years together and our family, that just puts an exclamation mark on what the evening’s all about, really. There’s music and there’s us performing together and there’s us performing each other’s songs and all those sorts of things. But at the end of the day, the show, Soul2Soul is about us and our relationship. And I think that the song sort of encapsulates all of that in one moment.”

On working with Tim M.:
“We’ve not worked together since we went on our last tour in, I guess, 2007, the big Soul2Soul tour. Our kids were much younger then, and it was easier to kind of load ’em up and bring the entire circus on the road. So when the Venetian approached us with the possibility of doing a few weekends for them, one of the first things that they offered was that they would work within our schedule parameters. The Venetian was so brilliant in how they accommodated us in such a way that it was one of the greatest experiences that we have ever had playing live together. I mean, this beautiful 1,800-seat theater, working around our children’s sports schedules and proms and all this kind of stuff that goes on once you get kids in high school, not to mention artistically. We were able to bring basically the design of a stadium-style show and put it into a theater.”

On their children visiting while they’re on tour:
“Well, our oldest daughter saw one show and only because a friend of hers came. I think she left early. But our two youngest daughters, no, have actually not seen it,but they’ve accompanied us [to Vegas]. They love being there and were sad when it ended last time. They’re kids, so they definitely find things to occupy [themselves]. They’ve seen most shows that are age-appropriate for them. Of course, they love Topshop. And they also enjoy just the behind-the-stage, you know, hanging out with the band. And the dressing room. It’s fun for them. The Venetian took really great care of us, so they were a little bits spoiled.”

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