Julianne Moore Covers Los Angeles Confidential [Spring 2015]



Julianne Moore  gets sexy for the Spring 2015 issue of Los Angeles Confidential magazine.

On being nominated for an Oscar for  Still Alice “To be even in conversation about it, to have people be excited about your work… You know we all love praise. It’s an honor to be discussed in this way. Of course—of course—I’m thrilled. And for a little movie like this, which we barely finished, that people made because they cared about it—and it’s a story about knowing what it means to be a human being, that’s what’s great too. And it makes you feel hope, right?”

On leaving her work at work- “All I know is that I feel like I need to accomplish stuff and I guess I try to do it and just forget it. I really care about it when I’m doing it, but then when I’m done with it I have to be done with it, because there’s nothing else I can do.”

On what her husband thinks of  Still Alice“I was sitting taking notes and heard these sounds, and I was like, ‘Bart?! Are you crying?!’ What’s interesting is in as much as Hollywood deals with externalization—with what people look like and that kind of thing—Alzheimer’s really gets to what’s most important, which is who are you on the inside?”


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