Marc Jacobs Enlists Adriana Lima for New Ad


Designer Marc Jacobs has brought Adriana Lima on board for his new campaign.

The model looks gorgeous as she dons a variety of sexy outfits while gazing into the camera.

Marc explained his decision to hire Lima in the October issue of ELLE. He said, “I wanted this Liz Taylor-esque, almost squirmy sex appeal, this sultriness, and Adriana does give that. It’s a spirit that I’d like to believe exists in everybody. How people turn it on and how they see it, that’s up to them. Even with Sofia Coppola, she’ll put on a pair of heels and a dress, and she’ll be like, ‘Ooh, I feel so adult and so grown up.’ Or she’ll wear a mink coat and be like, ‘Oh, we’re having one of our adult dinners.’ Me and my friends, we all go through that kind of thing—we know that we’re still the same people, but we use clothes, we use situations, we kind of romantically, in our heads, go to something we know as ‘grown-up’ or ‘sexy.’ We’re amused and entertained and delighted by playing the part. I think about Sally Bowles in Cabaret—this awkward giddiness of playing at a decadent lifestyle.”


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