Heidi Klum for GALORE Magazine



Heidi Klum continues to prove shes not going anywhere, as she strikes a pose for GALORE magazine.

The model isn’t letting her age stop her from donning a bra and pair of panties for the world to see.

Inside this issue, Klum discusses not feeling bad about her body and being rejected from gigs.

She shares, “Of course, I was sent away from castings, or rejected many times, and there was always criticism. I came to America from Germany in the ‘90s with big boobs and a big smile—that wasn’t what was in at the time. I struggled, but I was never depressed. I thought, if they want me, then they want me, and if not, then they don’t. I always thought, there must be a job I can do as a healthy woman, or I’ll just go home. I always had my head on in the right place, in that way. I guess it’s also because I wasn’t as young as the girls these days. I was around 19 years old when I started modeling—the girls today get started super young.”


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