Geena Davis originally wanted to play Louise in ‘Thelma & Louise’


Thelma & Louise almost had a completely different look. According to EW,

Geena Davis played Thelma in the film, but she originally preferred to be Louise.

“When I first read it, I showed it to my acting coach – this is before I had been considered or anything – we decided I should try for Louise, who is the more sane, mature part,” Davis told EW. “He said, ‘You’re old enough now, I think you should play that part.’”

Director Ridley Scott was not on-board to give Davis the role. “When I met with Ridley, I was pitching I should play Louise – I had all these arguments. It was a year after I had read it. Year’s worth of passion that I had to play Louise,” Davis recalled. As she remembered, Scott countered her comments with one of his own: “Just to be clear, you wouldn’t play Thelma?”

Davis eventually gave up the Louise request. “ ‘You know what’s interesting? As I’ve been talking, I don’t buy my argument, I actually think I should play Thelma,’” she told Scott. “Then I just made up all this sh– about why I had to be Thelma,” Davis added. “Thank God it all worked out.”

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