Zoe Kravitz Covers ALLURE Magazine


Zoe Kravitz is ALLURE’s June covergirl.

Inside this issue, the actress discusses her famous parents (Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz, and her ever-changing hair.

On her role on HBO’s “Little Big Lies” –

“I think people always assume for whatever reason that I’m much more hippie-dippy than I am,” she says. Her character, Bonnie, kind of an alt-left paragon on the surface at least, seems uncannily laid-back and reasonable and generous in the drama’s tense, repressive environment, full of helicopter moms and competitive parenting.


On her upcoming movie “Rough Night” –

“I had so much fun,” she says. “Kate is genius. It’s hard not to laugh in every scene with her. There was definitely this idea behind doing the movie that it’s our turn to do a film like The Hangover where male characters get rowdy and dirty and outrageous. Women want to do that, too.”

On being an East-coaster –


“I feel most at home in New York,” she says. “I’ve been here since I was 15. I think part of [my fondness for the city] is the spontaneity that’s possible here. You can go get a coffee and run into someone you know. There’s life and diversity and art everywhere. In a lot of cities, that’s not possible to experience. It’s kind of European. I like walking; I like the subway. Every time I have to go to 30 Rock [NBC’s New York address] to do a talk show, I tell them I’ll take the subway. It’s so much faster. It makes me happy. But like most New Yorkers, I like the city 50 percent more when it’s warm outside.”

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