Kevin Hart Covers ’Haute Time’

Kevin Hart covers the latest issue of ‘Haute Time.’

The comedian’s new movie, “Night School” is the No. 1 comedy in the world. And with Hart gearing up for the January release of his first dramatic role in ‘The Upside,’ it appears that the sky’s the limit for him.

On his love for luxury watches –

“I’m a watch fanatic,” he openly confesses. “They are the definition, and they are the reflection of the hard work that I put into everything I do. Each one has a story behind it; each one is a representation of my time, which is something I value very much.”

On his co-stars and who he’d like to work with –

“The highlight [in working with my co-stars] is getting to see and know the people behind the entertainers,” he notes. “When they’re not afraid to be themselves and show their genuine, authentic side, it’s really incredible. And it’s incredible that I can call all of those actors and actresses my friends.” When asked if there’s a dream list of talent he’s yet to work with, he has the most perfectly pragmatic-meets-que-sera- sera response: “I think if I’m supposed to work with someone, it’ll happen. But two people in particular I’d love to work with are Denzel [Washington] and Will Smith.”

On his comedic roots –

“Being a comedian is dear to my heart,” he declares. “That’s where I started, and that’s where I’ll finish.”

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