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Viola Davis for ESSENCE + “How to Get Away with Murder” Sneak Peek



Viola Davis is fantabulous!

The How to Get Away With Murder star graces the cover of ESSENCE.
The Emmy nominee is the new IT girl for primetime television and if you watch HTGAWM, you’ll know why!

ABC released a season two trailer for the show this week and even though you can’t see much, it does state that fans will ind out who the killer is.

Check out the trailer below.

Kerry Washington for ESSENCE + “Scandal” Sneak Peek



Kerry Washington is service face on the new cover for ESSENCE magazine.

The actress is gearing up for the new season of Scandal and fans are chomping at the bit until that day comes.

Just a few days ago, ABC released a mini trailer for what’s to come this season. Fans will finally get what the want – Olivia and Fitz together – or so it seems. Check out the video below!

Scandal starts on September 24 on ABC.


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