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Behind the scenes: The making of Sade’s upcoming album ‘Soldier of Love’

Sade’s new album, Soldier of Love, hits stores February 8, 2010.  The title track of the album has been burning up the charts and radio stations across the nation.  Now, take a look at some footage from how the album was put together.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spencer Pratt speaks on wife, Heidi Montag’s decision to go under the knife

For once it seems like Spencer Pratt has a heart.  The media hasn’t heard much from Pratt since his wife, Heidi Montag unveiled her new look. Now, the attention seeker is speaking out and giving his opinion on the matter.

“Anytime I hinted that it might be a little much or if I just asked if she was sure, I even felt like I was crossing lines. I’m not in charge of what she does with any part of her body. I’m her husband – not her owner.

“But everyone sees themselves differently when they look in the mirror. Nobody truly understands how she feels except her. I may not be okay with things, but it’s not my call.”

Pratt has been by  Heidi’s side and nursing her back to health…

Here’s a picture of what Heidi used to look like:

Chris Brown is Steve Urkel 2.0

Not only has Chris Brown’s album Graffiti flopped, but it seems as though his wardrobe and sense of style has too. Brown has been photographed all over Milan for their fashion week. We are not sure what type of statement Brown was going for, but he failed miserably. Not to mention, what is with the polka dot shoes?

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