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Michael Douglas Named ‘Diva of the Year’ by GQ


Michael Douglas has been named ‘Diva of the Year’ by GQ magazine. The actor is one of the few men featured in the magazine’s Men of the Year issue.

GQ magazine sat down with the actor to discuss his marriage,playing Liberace, his son’s imprisonment and much more.

Check out some of his GQ interview highlights below.

On playing Liberace in Behind the Candelabra:
“I’m actually taking sort of joy, a revengeful joy, in the fact that all the studios turned [the film] down. To me it was just a reflection of how constipated and conservative the studios have become.”

On his critic’s reaction to his performance:
“Well, I’ve always felt a little underestimated, personally. I’ve got a pretty good batting average over forty years.Sometimes maybe it looked easy.”

On his separation from Catherine Zeta-Jones:
“I hope to resolve my marriage in a positive fashion.”

On his son Cameron being in prison:
“I’m really turning my anger on the system, because I’m realizing just how unfair it is for so many nonviolent drug-involved criminals. While in jail, my son, initially sentenced to five years, was caught with drugs. They gave him an additional four and a half year to his sentence and put him in solitary for eleven months, and no family visits for two years. [His extra sentence for such a ‘slip’ is] the longest by far in the history of the United States penal system.”

Extended “Behind The Candelabra” Trailer Starring Michael Douglas [Video]

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