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Gabrielle Union Fronts December Issue of ESSENCE



Gabrielle Union is all-smiles, she she covers the December issue of ESSENCE.

During her sit-down with ESSENCE,  Union reveals the ten things that bring her joy and how a conversation about Beyonce at a beauty salon changed her life.

This issue of ESSENCE is on newsstands now!


Union on rejection and wanting to be chosen:

“There’s this intense desire for us all to be chosen by a man, or a job, or chosen for fame, whatever. But when you’re in the public eye and you’re not chosen, the rejection feels public,” says Union. “So to cover the wound, you attack the person who is chosen.”

On her lead role in Being Mary Jane:

“It would be easy to label Mary Jane a freak…but enjoying sex doesn’t make you a ho,” says Union. “I hope [Being Mary Jane] widens the conversation. I hope people will be more forgiving of those who explore their sexuality unapologetically.”

Andre 3000 to Release Solo Album in 2014


Andre 3000 is making his way back into the studio!

According to a tweet (see below)made by Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Programming and Specials, the musician is gearing up to release an album in 2014.


Andre 3000 is currently working on the Jimi Hendrix biopic titled All Is by My Side, which is slated to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival in September. The “Hey Ya” singer plays the titular role in the film.

It will be interesting to see what direction Andre 3000 takes with this forthcoming album, especially since he is known for dabbling in various genres.

Info via – DDotOmen/Miss Info

2013 BET Awards Nominations

Beyonce Tapped For BET Awards

Toya Carter Covers Rolling Out Magazine

Toya Carter looks golden on the cover of the latest issue of Rolling Out magazine.  The reality star looks regal, almost like a statue in some of her pictures for her feature. In this issue, Rolling Out speaks with Ms. Toya about  motherhood, relationships and men needing to step their game up.  You can read some of the interview snippets below.  And is it me, or does it look like there’s a wind machine blowing on Toya in one of the pictures below.

Toya on…

holding her own-

People thought Tiny and I were gong to do a baby momma show. They only knew that I was married to Lil Wayne. But once we did season 2, they knew more about me. My life has changed, and I’m more in the public’s eye. I hear from people who are inspired by my story. I didn’t do the show to bash Lil Wayne or be labeled the mother of his first child. I will always be attached to him, but I’m doing things to better myself such as the TV show, my book and opening a clothing store.

  women in relationships-

I just feel like women just go so hard. They give their all so fast. They give 100 [percent] and don’t get that in return. Relationships [are] supposed to be equal. A lot of women didn’t grow up with the affection from their dad. So, when they find a man, they expect that man to give that to them.They look for love in all the wrong places. They never had their fathers around to say, I love you, and you’re beautiful. So, the first man to tell them, I love you, and you’re beautiful, they fall for it. That’s the biggest problem. They throw themselves on a man all the time and say, I got him. That [doesn’t] work.

her daughter being “grown”-

When you have kids at a young age, your kids tend to grow up with you. So, as I was learning, she was learning, which is why she is wise beyond her years. People see my daughter and say, She is so grown. We were learning together. I couldn’t just put her off on everybody. That didn’t stop me from being a mother. I told her when she was born, I’m going to give you all I didn’t have and more.Love your kids listen to them, hear them out. People say, If you didn’t have it, you can’t give it, but that’s not true. I didn’t have [anybody], but I’m trying to be there for my daughter. talk to me because I didn’t have [anyone] to talk to.

men needing to be more respectful and stepping up their game –

Men have to be more respectful. This generation is just so disrespectful. They think it’s corny to open a door for a woman and just be polite. What goes around comes around. What you put out, you will get back


SPOTTED: Chris Brown & Girlfriend Karacuche In LA


After spending time in NY and VA, Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karacuche were spotted arriving back in LA. The two have been joined at the hip for quite some time now and despite Brown’s recent woes MS. Karacuche has stood by his side every step of the way.  Brown’s album, F.A.M.E. is currently the No. 1 album in the country.

Images via WENN

Tia Mowry is Having a Boy!

Sister  Sister star Tia Mowry,32, and her husband Cory Hardrict, revealed their baby’s gender to Just Jared. The couple announced that they are having a baby boy!

“Tia and I are very excited to be bringing life into this world,” Hardrict, 31, says. “Just thinking about my child coming here brings a tear to my eyes and I will try to be the best father in the universe!”

According to UsMagazine, Mowry’s pregnancy  will be documented by the Style Network for a show to air later this year.

“We are both so excited to be parents,” the couple told Us in a statement. “We have been wanting this a long time!”





Actress Tia Mowry Reveals Her Baby’s Gender – Moms & Babies –

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