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Official Trailer for Madonna & Steven Klein’s Project


Madonna and Steven Klein have released a video trailer for their project, the #SecretProject.

Steven Klein is an American photographer who has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt, Rihanna and of course Madonna. He has shot high-profile campaigns for Nike,  Calvin Klein, D&G, Alexander McQueen.

Now, he has teamed up with Madge to produce a #SecretProject. The pair has done a good job of keeping their project under wraps. The video clip below  doesn’t explain much, but there are various scenes that show captivity, bondage and expression through dance. No word on when the project will be officially unveiled.

Check it out below.

Singer Cassie On The Set Of Her New Photo Shoot

Looks like Cassie might be making a comeback soon. When an artist starts doing promotional photos, you know something is on the horizon. Cassie was seen in the SoHo section of New York City posing for some new pictures. She even took some time out to pose for pictures with some of her young fans. Even with half a head of hair Cassie is still a bad chick.


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