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Jordin Sparks Talks Album Delays & Frustrations


It’s been almost five years since Jordin Sparks has released an album and the frustration has gotten to the starlet. During a recent interview with Huff Post Live, Sparks revealed that she has completed a full album, but she still hasn’t been able to release it.

When asked how long does it take to release an album, Sparks responded, “Thank you! Ask them,” and motioned off-screen to some unidentified people. “How long does it take?”

She even hinted at possibly releasing her music independently.

“I think I have a really amazing door that just opened up with hopefully being able to get an album out working with a person I really trust, and getting it out on my own,”

Though understandably frustrated, Sparks did keep her composure and offered some kind words about her label, RCA.

“They’ve done so many amazing things for me, so I don’t want this to come off like, I hate them, because I don’t,” she said. “It’s just — I’m a little bit frustrated because I really want to put this music out for my fans, and it’s really good.”

Check out Sparks’ sit-down below.


Cate Blanchett Covers ELLE Canada [Jan. ’14]



Cate Blanchett is front and center on the cover of ELLE Canada.

In this January issue, the actress shares how she juggles motherhood and her career.

On her established career:
“I’ve been very lucky to play iconic roles like Blanche DuBois, Lotte Kotte and Hedda Gabler onstage, but cinema is a different beast. You are not always able to influence the final results in the same way as you can in the theatre. So I’m not always interested in large roles onscreen. I’m more interested in making the space to keep experimenting as an actor. What’s important when you’re working on a film is that you want to work with a director who is going to collaborate with you or who is interested in what you can offer.”

On her love for theatre:
“In theatre, you are directly engaged with your audience. You know whether a performance has connected with them or not, as you can feel their concentration ebbing and flowing, and that immediately influences the performances. In cinema, the only reference you have is the numbers. Success at the box office can be misleading, artistically speaking. Just because people show up, initially, doesn’t mean they necessarily leave the cinema having been thrilled by what they’ve experienced. You just don’t know how it’s played.”

On her sons:
“Their gender is one thing, but their personalities are another thing entirely. I try to engage with who they are first and foremost, but, generally, we hope to raise them with a sense of humanity, compassion and giving back. It’s a very introspective, self-involved world in which we all live.”

On her everyday schedule:
“My daily life is a movable feast. But, generally speaking, I find retreating into domestic life incredibly calming. I like the simplicity of what some people might find mundane: school lunches, cooking, walking the dog. I have ceased running the Sydney Theatre Company [her husband, Andrew Upton, is now the sole artistic director], so it’s wonderful to do just one thing at a time.

Source- ELLE Canada!

SPOTTED: Rihanna Rocking Eli Reed’s ‘John Lennon’ Shirt in NYC



Rihanna was photographed wearing a John Lennon-inspired shirt from The Eli Reed Collection at clothing brand KTZ’s Collection Preview at Atrium on Aug. 23 in New York City.

The Eli Reed Collection’s Lennon T-Shirt, was designed by pro-skater Eli Reed. The shirt currently retails at $35.00 and it  is available for sale at Supreme and Opening Ceremony. The unique aspect of Reed’s shirt, is that at first glance you think it’s the signature John Lennon shirt found in various retail stores, instead it’s actually the Lennon shirt with a twist. The shirt currently comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Pro skater Eli Reed launched The Eli Reed Collection in 2011. The Boston native’s love of prints and snapbacks led him to create a line of men’s shirts, hats and unisex socks.

Photos via Sydney Reising
Instagram via @rihlogetic and @SupremeNavy

Olivia Munn Strikes a Pose for FLARE Magazine

Winona Ryder Covers ‘Interview’ Magazine [May]

Prince William & Kate Middleton’s ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover



The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge‘s Vanity Fair magazine cover has finally been unveiled. The July issue features an up-close shot of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

The cover photo was taken by photographer Mario Testino at William & Kate’s engagement at St James’ Palace back in November 2010.

This special issue focuses on the couple hunting for a new home, who does what in the household, and much more.

This issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands on June 3rd. The couple will be making their way to Canada and the U.S. (namely California) in July.


New Music Video: Diddy – Dirty Money – “Loving You No More” ft. Drake

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Loving You No More” is the fourth single from  band Diddy-Dirty Money. The track also features rapper Drake.  “Loving You No More” will be  one of the many songs on the band’s upcoming album Last Train to Paris, which is set to be released in December 2010.

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