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Michael Douglas Named ‘Diva of the Year’ by GQ


Michael Douglas has been named ‘Diva of the Year’ by GQ magazine. The actor is one of the few men featured in the magazine’s Men of the Year issue.

GQ magazine sat down with the actor to discuss his marriage,playing Liberace, his son’s imprisonment and much more.

Check out some of his GQ interview highlights below.

On playing Liberace in Behind the Candelabra:
“I’m actually taking sort of joy, a revengeful joy, in the fact that all the studios turned [the film] down. To me it was just a reflection of how constipated and conservative the studios have become.”

On his critic’s reaction to his performance:
“Well, I’ve always felt a little underestimated, personally. I’ve got a pretty good batting average over forty years.Sometimes maybe it looked easy.”

On his separation from Catherine Zeta-Jones:
“I hope to resolve my marriage in a positive fashion.”

On his son Cameron being in prison:
“I’m really turning my anger on the system, because I’m realizing just how unfair it is for so many nonviolent drug-involved criminals. While in jail, my son, initially sentenced to five years, was caught with drugs. They gave him an additional four and a half year to his sentence and put him in solitary for eleven months, and no family visits for two years. [His extra sentence for such a ‘slip’ is] the longest by far in the history of the United States penal system.”

Catherine Zeta-Jones Talks To PEOPLE Magazine About Bipolar II Disorder

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has broken her silence about her battle with Bipolar Disorder. The actress, 41, made headlines a few weeks ago after she checked herself into Silver Hill Hospital, a mental-health facility in New Canaan, Conn.

Catherine spoke with PEOPLE exclusively about dealing with the illness and why she’s decided to be vocal about her situation.

“This is a disorder that affects millions of people and I am one of them,” the actress, 41, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement in this week’s cover story. “If my revelation of having bipolar II has encouraged one person to seek help, then it is worth it. There is no need to suffer silently and there is no shame in seeking help.”

While her husband, Michael Douglas, battled with throat cancer, Catherine battled with depression. As Michael started recovering, Zeta-Jones didn’t. It wasn’t until Catherine was to start filming  her new movie, Playing the Field, slated to start shooting in Louisiana, that the Oscar-winner realized she needed help.

“The simple things would just seem overwhelming, like going out to dinner,” says the close friend. “There was just a little piece of her chipped away. It was hard to watch because I knew how hard she was trying.”

For the full interview pick up the latest issue of PEOPLE magazine with Catherine Zeta-Jones on the cover.

Catherine Zeta-Jones on Bipolar II Disorder :

Michael Douglas: “The tumor is gone”

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Actor Michael Douglas has been battling cancer for some time now, and we’re happy to report he has won the battle.  In an interview with the Today Show (set to air Jan. 11) Douglas will sit down with Matt Lauer to reveal the good news.

Douglas is said to be  feeling “good” and”relieved” after his six-month fight with stage four throat cancer.

“The tumor is gone, but I have to check out on a monthly basis now to maintain… I think the odds are, with the tumour gone and what I know about this particular type of cancer, I’ve got it beat… It’l take a couple of months of getting checked out.”

The Wall Street actor lost  32 pounds through the course of treatments, but he’s already started to work on putting the weight back on.  “I’ve put about 12 (pounds) back… I got another 20, 25 to go, ” said Douglas.
Douglas tells Lauer that his cancer battle gave him a new-found appreciation for  wife Catherine Zeta-Jones,   his kids and his friends, “All of a sudden the affection from my family, from my friends, and from my fans hit me at a much deeper level than I would have ever imagined before, and it gave me a really new appreciation of just how valuable, how precious good friends are and family.”There’s a much deeper feeling… You just really, really appreciate what’s important in life”. 

Michael Douglas – Douglas Wins Cancer Battle – Contactmusic News

Candid Moments: Michael Douglas seen taking daughter to school

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Actor Michael Douglas was in good spirits as he took his daughter Carys to school on October 5, 2010. Douglas has been battling stage 4 throat cancer.  After dropping off his daughter, Douglas stopped to talk to a few friends.

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