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Actor Andrew Keegan Tasered By Police

Lindsay Lohan Joins NOH8 Campaign

Heidi Montag Works Out More Than 12 Hours A Day

(May 10, 2011 - Photo by John M. Heller/Getty Images North America)

If you’re looking to have a bikini bod like Heidi Montag, be prepared to work out  14 hours a day.

“I’ve been working out from, like, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. for two months now. I’ve been working out really hard because I had this pool party and I was like, I have to be in shape,” she told Us Weekly. “And I was actually a lot overweight. It was the most I’ve ever been because I’ve kind of been in hiding eating pie with my husband and puppies, so I needed to get back in shape.”

Montag, who stands at 5’2, weighed 130 pounds not too long ago, now she’s back to her normal weight at 103 pounds.

Heidi shared with UsWeekly how she dropped 27 pounds so quickly.

“I’ve been running a lot, and I’ve been doing weights,” she said. “When you work out, you boost your metabolism, so you have to [make sure you eat enough].”

Even though Heidi says pie and fried chicken are her weaknesses, she’s been snacking on apples, cherries and salads to slim down.

Montag took a year off from the gym due to her 10 surgeries.

“My breasts, because they’re so big, really needed some time,” she explained. “So I’m just starting to work out again after my surgery. Sometimes I get shooting pains, but I hear that’s normal.”


‘Family Matters’ Actress Gets Engaged to Ricky Romance


If you watched the show Family Matters back in the 80s/90s, then you know that “Laura Winslow’s” bestfriend on the show was “Maxine.”   Well, Max is all forwn up and getting married.

Cherie Brown aka Maxine is officially engaged to  convicted felon Ricky Romance! TMZ os reporting that the couple is trying to pitch a reality show about their relationship.

We’re told the two are pitching themselves as the “new Bobby and Whitney.”

Well at least she’s one of the few child stars that didn’t turn to drugs, then again this can’t be much better. Check out her engagement ring below.



Lindsay Lohan Will Be Charged With ‘Felony Grand Theft’



TMZ is reporting that actress Lindsay Lohan will be charged with felony grand theft.

The news site goes in to say that Lohan could be charged as early as Monday for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Venice, CA jewelry store.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was informed of the impending charge and spoke with her client via the telephone on Friday night.

If convicted, Lindsay faces a maximum of three years in prison.

Chris Brown hits the beach with new girl

Singer Chris Brown was seen frolicking at the beach with  aspiring model Karrueche “Kae” Tran and his dog in Miami. From the pictures both Brown and the girl look extremely cold. At some points Brown seems to be paying more attention to the dog. Check out some more pictures below.



Info and pictures via The YBF

Billy Ray Cyrus and wife file for divorce

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Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A few months back, various media outlets reported that Billy Ray Cyrus and wife Tish Cyrus were headed for divorce court and now it seems like that report has become fact.

Here’s how PEOPLE is reporting it:

Miley Cyrus’s parents, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, are divorcing after 17 years of marriage, they tell PEOPLE.

“As you can imagine, this is a very difficult time for our family,” they say in a statement. “We are trying to work through some personal matters. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.”

The couple have five children, including the pop star. Divorce papers were filed Wednesday in Tennessee citing irreconcilable differences.

Miley Cyrus’s parents, Billy Ray Cyrus & Wife, File for Divorce :

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