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Pharrell Fronts New Issue of COMPLEX


Super Producer Pharrell Williams covers COMPLEX magazine’s Best of 2013 issue.

Williams has had a great year; from collaborating with 80s group Daft Punk, to singing on Robin Thicke’s smash song, “Blurred Lines.”

Now, Williams is chatting with the magazine about his music, PETA and Miley Cyrus:

Here’s some of his Complex interview:

On Miley Cyrus:
“I’m not worried about Miley. I’ve seen her soul in action. She’s 20 years old and enjoying her life. She’s enjoying her freedom. [With her style] I’m talking about her everyday dressing—she shuts it the f*** down. Not too many people really understand the Chanel vocabulary like her. Like, she’s a problem.”

On the PETA movement:
“I sympathize with their movement and I recognize that people could be impressionable. But at the same time, I like fashion. And I don’t like being told what to do.”

On his new album:
“I love rapping. But something’s coming, and I’m not rapping on it.”

On family:
“My son. Our son. It’s like, that’s our world. Helen and I having Rocket, it’s been awesome. It’s the best song that I’ve ever co-written.”

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Tina Knowles gets featured in ‘V’ magazine


With her new clothing line racking up sale after sale, Tina Knowles is only getting started. Tina is currently features in the latest issue of V Magazine. Mama Knowles speaks candidly to the magazine about her new ventures and  her daughters Beyoncé and Solange. Read a little snippet below.

Tina on wearing clothes over and over again:

“I have worn the same Chanel jacket for years.”

Tina on the advice that Solange and Beyoncé give her about clothes:

“They are always telling me to experiment with more color…I may be a proud grandmother, but I don’t want to look like one.”



Lady Gaga’s got some junk in her trunk

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Who knew Lady Gaga had such lovely lady humps? The “Pokerface” singer was spotted walking the streets of West London wearing a light  pink flamingo-style dress. The style of the dress gave the singer a rather large butt.

Lady Gaga and some of her friends even had some time to stop by gastropub Westbourne.

Gaga recently had to cancel her Paris concerts, so for now she is on a break.

Source: Splash News

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