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Freckles of VH1’s “Real Chance of Love 2: Back in the Saddle” is pregnant

We’re not sure who the father is, but it seems like Freckles is very pregnant. See the picture below. Freckles, in case you don’t remember her, was booted off the first episode.  Some blogs stated that Freckles is a lesbian/bisexual. So this is very interesting. Congrats!

Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair (Cast Pictures)

Frank The Entertainer’s show, Frank The Entertainer…In A Basement Affair, will premiering January 3, 2010 at 8/7c.  Pictures of the cast have officially been released and suffice it to say that Frank will be back for another season.  Unlike the other “of Love” shows, Frank’s show will take place in his parents house! All the women will be given a key to Frank’s basement room, once they are eliminated, they will have to give the key back.

Is THIS really the best Frank could do?  We hope he either picks Jessica, Jennifer or Felicia .

The things people do for fame…. Check out the attention seekers women below!

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