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Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Talks Motherhood and Career Moves


Basketball Wives star Royce Reed recently chopped it up with Jocks And Stiletto Jill // ESPN meets Sex and the City. The former NBA cheerleader spoke candidly about her career moves being a mom and her new app. Check out the interview below.

Jill: What made you decide to write a novel as opposed to the Tell-all which has become so popular
Royce: I started this when I was still apart of the Miami Heat dance squad. It’s Inspired by things I saw college. It’s a series it will follow the girls through school and eventually into their post college lives.
Jill: where can we find it?
Royce: You can go to my site, it’s self published, and will also be available on
Read the synopsis of the book:
College Girls is a raw deep-seated account of four women living their lives on a University campus. Raquel is naive and sheltered and thinks she’s got it all figured out until her world is turned upside down. Latoya, who, is conceited and jealous-a treacherous combination, lets her envy get the best of her. These Freshman are far from friends. Kyra embarks on a life changing journey and is forced to acknowledge a part of her self that can may be the beginning of her end. Mykema, an upperclassman, beauty and brains, she’s chasing her dream, until her relationship threatens to shatter everything she’s been working towards.
With Raquel’s soul stirring moments, Latoya’s larcenous way, Mykema’s life changing events, and Kyra’s questionable sexuality these women will have you laughing, mouth-dropping and crying all within a matter of page turns. College Girls crosses all boundaries and with its organic & easy reading, will have you feeling as if you know them personally & quickly choosing favorites.
Jill: what other things are in the works for you?
Royce: Developing a fitness dance instruction video, My dance company, Fantashique, an upcoming 14 city tour for a stage play called Cheaters (Royce was a theatre education major) and I’m working on an iPhone App for my fans.
Jill: You’re a mom, with your schedule how do you manage it all?
Royce: I have help, my parents, family and friends all help me to balance. My son is my first priority, I couldn’t do this without their input.
Jill: What can your fans look forward to with the new app?
Royce: Basically it’s a way to stay connected with what I’m doing and special photos just for them. Lots of things that they’ve requested from me.

One On One: Interview With Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed : Jocks and Stiletto Jill | ESPN meets Sex and the City | Jocks And Stiletto Jill // ESPN meets Sex and the City

BBW Star Evelyn Lozada Wants 20K Or She Walks

(February 4, 2011 - Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images North America)

Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada wants more money per episode or she’s out. According to TMZ, Lozada and her cast mates currently make $7,500 per episode. Lozada is giving the producers an ultimatum — either pay her $20,000 an episode, or she’s gone for good, reports TMZ.

Lozada already threatened to leave the show due to the producers allegedly leaking personal information to another cast member in the hopes of causing a rift between the two

Currently, the show’s producers have been mum on their next move.

I wonder whether it was  Royce or Evelyn that called TMZ and told them this information.

Elle Magazine Interviews The Miami Heat’s Chris Bosh



(February 17, 2011 - Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images North America)


Who knew a basketball player could be features in a magazine like ElleMiami Heat frontman Chris Bosh sat down or a carefree interview with the magazine. In this Heat Wave interview, Bosh discusses women, his fiance, the NBA as a whole and much more.  Read what Chris Bosh had to say below.

ELLE: You put a lot of effort into making the 2008 All Star Team—you created a funny YouTube video in which you played a used-car salesman who was trying to get people to vote for you. What’s the hardest you’ve worked to woo a woman you admired?

Chris Bosh: It was with my fiancée [Adrienne Williams]. I met her in New York at a charity event—her friend liked the guy I was with. We eventually struck up a conversation and exchanged numbers. Then it was a true courting session over three months on the phone. I met her in July, and we didn’t go on our first date until October.

ELLE: Could you fall in love with a woman who didn’t care about basketball?

CB: I did. My fiancée only likes it now because I play. When she comes to the games, she’s watching when I’m in—and when I’m out, she’s talking with her friends.

ELLE: I encountered some footage of your cousin with your former girlfriend heckling LeBron James in 2008 when you were playing on opposing teams. Are there unofficial rules governing the behavior of players’ wives and girlfriends?

CB: That was embarrassing. A woman shouldn’t heckle. In the public eye, you have to represent not only you but your spouse, too. You have to be a lady. She just has to sit there, clap, and look pretty.

ELLE: Your fiancée is beautiful, but I have to say, I was a little shocked to see photos showing the size difference between you two: She’s five feet tall and you’re almost seven feet tall. Even in heels, her head seems to not quite reach your chest.

CB: You get used to it. If you were to ask her, “Do you really notice it?” she’d be like, “No.” I can understand how it might look bizarre to other people, but to me, it’s normal. I have a history of dating smaller w

ELLE: I don’t want to put this too graphically, but are there any, uh, complications with such a size difference? If you were eye to eye, her feet would pretty much be at your crotch level.

CB: You always make things work.

ELLE: I won’t delve further. I saw pictures of your palatial home in Miami: white carpets, white floors, white furniture. I wondered if you insist that anyone who comes in don those footies that scientists wear in sterile environments.

CB: We do ask people to take their shoes off. But we try to prevent any accidents by policing it early.

ELLE: Like, some tipsy woman with a glass of merlot will get ejected?

CB: They won’t get ejected. It will be more like, “Hey! Don’t go over there with that red wine!”

ELLE: Everything I know about basketballers with stories like yours—exceptional high school players drafted into the pros young—suggests there must have been a buffet of women available at all times. Was racking up numbers ever appealing to you?

CB: I’ve never really been a guy like that. I like intimacy with just one person who you can share your secrets and thoughts and ambitions with. In our profession, we’re in pretty vulnerable positions sometimes, so that can either motivate you to take advantage, or it can scare you a little bit. It scared me.

ELLE: I imagine there are plenty of ways for a rich young man to get in trouble with women. Does the NBA provide counseling for players on how to avoid entanglements?

CB: Yeah, they have programs like that, but they can tell you all they want to—at the end of the day, you’re out in the world experiencing things for yourself. Unfortunately, sometimes you’re going to make mistakes.

ELLE: Let’s imagine I get drafted and secure a $100 million NBA contract. What’s your advice about all the hot ladies buzzing around?

CB: Just listen to your instincts. Don’t talk to someone or start a relationship out of pity.

ELLE: Players get into relationships based on pity?

CB: Oh, most definitely.

ELLE: Do NBA players go into clubs, locate the least attractive girl, and say, “Gee, I feel sorry for her—I’m going to give her a Bentley and move her into my house”?

CB: No, but we’re talking about something that could develop over time. Everybody in this world isn’t good people. So you have to learn that and learn to look for certain signs when you’re out there.

ELLE: What do women who don’t know you frequently misunderstand about you?

CB: People in general misunderstand me. I’m very aware of the stereotype that comes with being a basketball player. But I’m well-rounded. I’m cultured. It’s funny: When I speak, people are like, “Wow! You can really talk.” I’m like, “What did you expect?”

ELLE: The Heat’s president, Pat Riley, is pretty dapper. Has he ever offered you any advice about women?

CB: He hasn’t, but we were at a Christmas party recently, and he said that he and his wife had been together for 43 years, and she stopped him and said, “No, it’s actually only been 42.” And he went, “Okay, then I must have just been dreaming about you for one of them.” And everybody was like, “Oh, I gotta write that one down.”…ave-Chris-Bosh


Tami Roman Blogs About Basketball Wives, Evelyn & Real B.I.T.C.Hes

With the Reunion Show less than a week away, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman took to her blog to clear up a few things after she watched the season finale of the show. In her blog, Tami talks about Evelyn, why she was so upset, Christ, being real and what a real B.I.T.C.H is.  It’s a long read. but she does say that she doesn’t smoke anymore. Check it out below.

Will the REAL B.I.T.C.H. please stand up!
By Tami Roman

I watched the BBW finale episode twice this week and thought about all that went down. Man…there are a couple of things that I want to address before I get to the heart of this blog. First, I am so glad that I do NOT smoke anymore. I really looked at myself and geez that was so unattractive. Second, I HATED that short haircut! If I EVER, in this lifetime suggest that I might even be thinking of doing that look again, SMACK me – real hard LOL.

OK, down to business…so I watched the episode and I want to be clear about a few things…
I liked Evelyn. Yes, I honestly did enjoy being around her and all of the girls for that matter. They all taught me something about myself in their own way. Just as I hope, I brought some things to life for them. I am not going to say that we are “best friends” because that would be a lie and I do not use the word “friend” lightly. Although, I did feel we were all cool.

The issue about her sleeping with Kenny, I really did not care about that. I was more hurt by the fact that she did not feel comfortable enough to tell me before that moment or even OFF camera. We did not hang out together like ace boon coons (damn that is an old phrase LOL) but we were around each other enough that she should have been honest with me. I honestly thought we were working towards becoming friends and to hold onto something like that really bothered me.

Anyhoo, as I sat there trying to explain how hurt I was by all of it, she kept saying, “Well it is what it is” – that just did not sit well with me. I felt she should have more empathy and humility in bringing this to me. Even with that, I could have gotten past this moment, but as the discussion escalated she got more bravado and boisterous with me. I thought this was out of pocket because in my eyes, you were the one that was wrong. I did not know you from a can of paint when I came into this situation, but you knew who I was and who I had been married to. You told me about the mistress the first time I met you and just like you told her business, you should have been upfront about yours. This is how I felt. Although, as I said, I could have gotten past this moment. It was the “You were a non factor BITCH” comment that sent me over the edge. All I thought was, no she did not just betray me AND call me out of my name. I lost all control…

As I watched the episode for the second time, I thought to myself, she called me a bitch. Why did this push me to the point of putting my hands on this woman? What is it about that word that causes so many of us to lose it? Then I realized that this word is associated with so many negative connotations.

Usually the word ” bitch ” is associated with a woman who lacks self-respect, integrity, morals, and respect for others. It is used to slander someone and degrade them. It is a profane way to express anger when you cannot articulate yourself properly. Men use it as a derogatory way to categorize women who they feel have mistreated them, used them, cheated on them or downright abused them. This particular word is a way of calling a woman the lowest of the low.

Even women in business are identified as ” bitches ” when they exude power. It is quite sad that if a woman is articulate, intelligent, no nonsense, authoritative, brutally honest and demands respect; she is not viewed as a “power player” , but a bitch. If you analyze the many negative ways this word is used, you would certainly be offended by being called one.

I on the other hand have decided to put my own spin on the word. I choose not to relate the negative stereotype with the word. After all, I cannot fly off the deep end every time I hear it. So me and my friend came up with an acronym for the word that I can live with LOL. Something that is reflective of me and my personality. B.I.T.C.H. – Believing In Total and Complete Honesty. That is definitely me! This acronym is reflective of the person I have become. I have traveled a long journey and my willingness to be open and truthful have aided me along the way. I pride myself on keeping it 100 all the time! People always want the truth, but they cannot always handle it. They often consider me to be a “bitch” because of my honesty and realness. To this I say, “Yes, I am a B.I.T.C.H., you should want to be one too. ”

Listen, I have lived 40 long hard years. I have been through so many trials and tribulations that have afforded me wisdom. At this stage of the game, I have nothing to prove and I only have to please myself. I will not allow anyone to alter my happiness nor will I allow ANYONE to disrespect me or not give me the things I believe I deserve. My strength is a part of my makeup at this age – my honesty and truthfulness is the only way I know how to be.

That is why I think so many of you relate to me because I am representative of everyday people. I am a single mother w/baby daddy issues, I get up and ride the train/bus to go to work like you do and I have my own flaws that I am working through-just like you. I have been up, down and standing in the middle now. I do not put on heirs or pretend to be something that I am not. I am just me – whether you like me or not, you have to respect my honesty. I can deliver the truth seriously, comically, spiritually and sometimes “tipsy” – but the truth is what you are going to get.

In order to be a true representative of Christ and try to help people, you have to be someone that people can relate to, understand, and listen to. You have to meet people where they are. I often say, you can not be so heavenly that you are NO earthly good…God cannot use you. I definitely want God to use me to inspire, encourage and enlighten. That is not by my being perfect, but by my showing my flaws and overcoming them through hope, prayer and faith. We are all going to make mistakes, I am just putting mine out there for the world to see me work through them. Through me, I hope you will come to know that Gods grace, mercy and favor endureth forever. This B.I.T.C.H. is a living testimony.

Just remember that being a real B.I.T.C.H. means your honesty and truth come from a place of love. I offer the truth to counsel, advise, share, enlighten and encourage. I offer my truth because I am not ashamed of it – all of the things I have gone through make me the person that I am today. I expect to be told the truth for the same reasons. God wanted me to travel this journey and I embrace it because I know that by my openness, I will help someone else. However, if you are being mean, spiteful, vindictive, manipulative with a version of the truth and trying to deliberately hurt someone – I do NOT stand behind that and you have ventured away from the acronym meaning and head first into the meaning I spoke of above.

Finally I say, if you running around claiming and professing to be ” real ” then be that ALL THE TIME, not when it is convenient. People have to be able to trust you and stand on your word. They need to know that not only can you “check”, but be checked. Being fake shows that you do not love yourself enough to stake your life on the truth. Will the real B.I.T.C.Hes please stand up!
” The truth, having nothing to fear, must be pursued relentlessly in every discipline “, is a quote from the Pepperdine Law School mission statement. It speaks volumes of how important the truth is in all aspects of our lives.

Keep a lookout for my book The B.I.T.C.H. Chronicles coming soon – so excited J

S/O to all the real B.I.T.C.Hes: Sandra Bernhard, Roseanne Barr, NeNe Leakes, Rosie O’Donnell, Joan Rivers, Chanita Foster, Dawn Nuefeld, Royce Reed, MuthaKnows, Laura Fogelman, Philana Boles, Mrs. Bridges, CosmoShek, MeccafromUptown, Patrice, Karla Lawrence, Shauna, Beverly Simmons, Tionna Smalls, Reagan Gomez, Wendy Williams, Lorna M., Koffee, Kim Ogletree, Mrs. Powell, Tamara, Angie McAlpine, T. Angie, Herlinda Boswell, Candice Reese, Tracy Blanchard, Yvette, Sydney Chase, Monique Gooden, Zena Benjamin, Alexandria Young and many more……24&action=view

‘Basketball Wives’ Season 2 Reunion to Air in Two Parts


After taping the Basketball Wives Reunion Show a few weeks ago, the producers of the show made the executive decision to give viewers more than just one-hour of drama.  To appease viewers, the reunion will air in two parts so it will air in two parts the first part will air on Sunday, March 13 in Basketball Wives’ normal time slot of 8/7c, and the second part will air the  next night, on Monday, March 14 at 8/7c. Read more information about the show, finale and reunion below.

The ladies of Basketball Wives returned with yet another explosive season and introduced several new faces to the circle. The ladies not only brought the heat to Miami this season, but also took the drama to Spain. This season was full of tears, laughter, break ups and hook ups and of course the ever entertaining arguments.

In the second season of VH1’s Basketball Wives we saw all the ladies struggle and succeed with love and relationships. This season Jennifer and Eric struggled to decide if they should remain married, Evelyn found love with a new athlete, Royce let her guard down and finally found love with an unexpected person, while Shaunie and Tami learned that it was time to let go of past hurts and move on with their lives. During the season finale the past will come back to haunt two of the ladies when an explosive secret is revealed causing a vicious catfight that will end a friendship and possibly the circle forever. Watch as the drama unfolds on Sunday, March 6 at 8pm.

Then catch up to see what the ladies have been up to since the cameras stopped rolling as the cast reunites for the two-part Basketball Wives Reunion Special, airing Sunday, March 13th and Monday, March 14th at 8pm. Will there be another catfight? How are Evelyn and Ochocino doing? Is Jennifer getting a divorce? Tune in to the reunion show to get the answers.

Chris Bosh’s Baby Momma Likely to Join Season 3 Cast of Basketball Wives

Getty Images

Get ready for more drama. Chris Bosh’s ex-girlfriend/mother of his child, Allison Mathis has been selected as one of the newest cast members of  season 3 of  VH1’s Basketball Wives, TMZ reports.

Apparently, Allison completed three rounds of interviews with the show’s executives. The execs were said to be so impressed with Mathis that they will be offering her a spot in the season 3 cast.

We can’t confirm who Allison will be replacing.  Suzie has already said she hasn’t made up her mind on whether or not she will come back and Royce Reed has debunked rumors that she’s out  for next season.

Photos from Dwyane Wade’s birthday bash and Gabrielle Union’s special speech



Dwyane Wade celebrated his 29th birthday by having a star-studded bash at Wall. Wade and his teammates, NBA fam and friends partied the night away at the bash.  Actress Gabrielle Union gave a heartfelt, but real toast to boyfriend D. Wade. Check it out below.



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