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Bill Cosby Developing New Family Comedy Series


Bill Cosby is currently working on a new family-oriented television series.

The funnyman told Yahoo TV that he has teamed up with Cosby Show producer Tom Werner to created a family comedy that “would [satisfy] the people who have come to me in public places and said, ‘Can’t you put something on that I can watch?'”

Cosby made it clear that the show would not be a Cosby Show remake, but would focus on older kids and their relationships with their parents.

“I want to be able to deliver a wonderful show to [a] network,” said Cosby. “Because there is a viewership out there that wants to see comedy, and warmth, and love, and surprise, and cleverness, without going into the party attitude.

“They would like to see a married couple that acts like they love each other, warts and all, children who respect the parenting, and the comedy of people who make mistakes. Warmth and forgiveness. So I hope to get that opportunity, and I will deliver the best of Cosby, and that will be a series, I assume, that we could get enough people week after week after week to tune in to, to come along with us.”

In other news, Cosby will headline his first TV concert special in 30 years. The special, called Far From Finished airs  on Comedy Central on Nov 23.

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Bill Cosby is not dead

Some moron person with nothing better to do with themselves started an elaborate hoax stating that comedian Bill Cosby had died and was found by his wife, Camille.  This is probably the sixth time this rumor has been drummed-up. Like the drones most people are, they followed and gave into the rumor and began re-tweeting, on Twitter, various RIP s to Mr. Cosby.

The hoax was so extreme that some Journalists started reporting the news and then deleting their articles once there was no confirmation.  There was even a false CNN report circulating, which has now been taken down,

Google is your friend boys and girls.  Thinking for yourself also helps too.

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