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Amy Poehler and Tina Fey Cover ‘Entertainment Weekly’


The dynamic duo are at it again.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler cover the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly.

The pair are gearing up to host the 2014 Golden Globes on Jan. 12 and they’ve got a lot to say.

Amy on why she and Tina are like The Olsen twins:

“When we’re next to each other we like to hug each other a lot, like we’re in the womb. And Tina’s thumbprint matches my pinkie, because that’s what we were like in the womb.”

Tina on the same Olsen twins theory:

“But I do say the Olsen twins because unlike a lot of comedy duos, we’re not opposites. There’s a lot of overlap in what we like and even in the way we perform, to a certain extent. We’re not Martin and Lewis. We’re like Derek Jeter and A-Rod.”

Amy on her Golden Globes plans:

“We’re going to encourage people to go real long on their speeches.”

Tina on her Golden Globes plans:

“I’m going to tell people to find it. Don’t stop talking until you ‘find it.'”

Amy on who they’d want on stage with them at the show:

“I feel like we’d probably pick an SNL person because we feel comfortable knowing that they could hang. But who knows? Maybe we give that kid Jennifer Lawrence, who I find a total delight.”

“She was hilarious on ‘The Daily Show. Honestly, almost every person we’ve ever worked with, I feel like we’d be super-psyched to see.”

Minka Kelly isn’t marrying Derek Jeter…yet


Engagement and marriage rumors have plagued Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter for years. Kelly spoke with GQ magazine about her plans to marry her long-time boyfriend.

“I promise you, I’m not getting married in the next month,” Kelly said during a Dec. 2010 interview with the magazine.

The Friday Night Lights actress also told the mag that despite the media spin on things, she did not call her Short stop boyfriend to help get her dog to fly first class on a flight last fall.

“Do people think that somewhere in my brain I think Derek can save me from someone telling me my dog can’t fly?” she says. “If that’s the way I worked, he would have left me a long time ago.”



Minka Kelly: I’m Not Marrying Derek Jeter (Yet) – Couples, Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly :


Candid Moments: Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter get cozy at U.S. Open

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Yankee Derek Jeter and his girlfriend Minka Kelly were photographed at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center on September 4 2010, in Queens, New York. The two watched as Novak Djokovic beat  James Blake from the United States on day 6 of the U.S. Open.  Seems as though they were enjoying being with each other more than the actual match. More pictures below.

Photo Credits:  and Getty Images

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