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Jennifer Lopez for COSMOPOLITAN Magazine


Jennifer Lopez goes edgy for the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

In this October issue, the returning American Idol judge chats with the magazine about why she will not be ignored.

Lopez is  set to release her twentieth fragrance “JLove” in 2013.

JLo was photographed by Matthias Vriens-McGrath.

Jennifer Lopez Gives Fashion Tips in New issue of REDBOOK


In the newest issue of REDBOOK,  Jennifer Lopez gives her ‘3 Lessons in Sexy from JLO.’

Lopez has made strides in fashion since hitting the scene in the 90s, now she’s sharing some tips and tricks when it comes to wardrobe. Check out her quick tips below.


Balance a loose shape with flirty fabric.

“My favorite blouses are flowy with touches of sheer material, so you see skin through it. They’re sexy in an easy, effortless way.”

On ignoring the age police when it comes to fashion:
“I don’t care who thinks I’m not the right age for something. Right now, I’m in love with leather pants! If you have the legs for a short skirt and can pull it off, do it. When it doesn’t feel right to you anymore, you’ll know it’s time to stop.”

On her golden ratio rule of fashion:
“If you’re showing a lot of leg, don’t do cleavage. If your dress is tight, it shouldn’t be short. You cross the line into trashy when you reveal a lot.”

Original ‘Project Runway’ Winner Jay McCarroll Named Fashion Ambassador of Hamilton Mall


Original winner of Project RunwayJay McCarroll has been named Fashion Ambassador for Hamilton Mall for 2013 and 2014.

McCarroll will be hosting several events at the Hamilton Mall, beginning in August with the “Battle of the Runways,” aimed at back-to-school fashions. He will be designing a special T-shirt exclusively for Hamilton Mall, and will be writing an interactive column, “Ask Jay,” in the mall’s monthly newsletter.

MCCarroll’s first official appearance will be Friday, June 28, when he will be meeting and greeting shoppers at Never Too Spoiled, Hamilton Mall’s exclusive carrier of his amazing designs.

“This is an awesome opportunity for me,” said McCarroll, whose vast line of Apparel and Accessories products also is in the midst of a major expansion, including a fun and colorful line of socks. “I am really looking forward to being a part of the mall’s expansion and in taking the mall’s image to the next level. It really is going to be a special shopping destination for the area.”

He continues,“I love that Hamilton Mall has a very eclectic mix of shops. It offers an array of well-known international chain stores sharing the same space with some really great independent specialty shops. This makes for a very unique shopping experience. “

“This is indeed a very inspiring time for the Hamilton Mall,” says McCarroll, who also studied at the London College of Fashion. “I fully understand the concept of growing a brand and as the brand grows, more and more thrilling opportunities present themselves. I am very much looking forward to that exhilarating growth. I have seen the expansion plans and all I can say is, ‘Wow!’ Hamilton Mall really is ‘Making Waves!’”

Catch up withJay McCarroll:


Randy Alexander

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Sneak Peek: ‘Angela’ By Angela Simmons

Picture Leak: Reese Witherspoon’s VOGUE Magazine Cover

From the chapel to newsstands, Reese Witherspoon seems to be everywhere nowadays. Witherspoon graces the cover of the May 2011 issue of Vogue magazine. The photo above leaked on the web yesterday and shows Reese glammed-up and sporting an old-Hollywood type of hairdo and a black & white dress.

Witherspoon is currently in Belize on her honeymoon with her two children. So I guess you can say, it’s more like a family vacation than a honeymoon.

Vogue Picture – The Fashion Spot.

Jessica Alba’s VOGUE Italia Photo Shoot



Jessica Alba looks fierce in her new photos for Vogue Italia.  In these photos we see a darker, yet glamorous side of Jessica.  The hairstyle and make-up do take away from her girl-next-door  good-looks, but Vogue is all about high-fashion shoots, so it works.

Here’s what Alba had to say about her style:

“My own style is probably a mixture of high and low. I’m definitely into sort of layering and I like mystery so I don’t put it all out there. I play dress up for a living — for photo shoots and for working and movies or whatnot — I sort of wear more revealing things that show my body. But in life I like things that have a little bit more mystery. I like things that are elegant and chic, but then a little rock-and-roll.”



Vogue via Huffington Post




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