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Clint Eastwood & Wife Separate After Almost 17 Years of Marriage


Clint Eastwood has separated from his wife Dina Eastwood.
The actor, 83, has separated from second wife Dina Eastwood,48, after nearly 17 years of marriage, Dina confirms exclusively to Us Weekly.

The  two remain close, but they have been living apart for quite some time. According to Us the two split more than a year ago, in June 2012. “Clint fell out of love with Dina a long time ago,” the insider says, noting that the separation was “amicable.”

Dina and Clint married since March 31, 1996, and have one daughter together. Eastwood also has seven other kids, though only  married once before. He and first wife Maggie Johnson; the rest of his kids are from other relationships.


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