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Zoe Saldana Covers ‘Ocean Drive’



Zoe Saldana graces the cover of the December issue of Ocean Drive magazine.

Read on to discover what Saldana had to say about playing Nina Simone, her life away from the spotlight and much more.

Ocean Drive snippets of her interview are below!

On her life away from the public:
“I love what I do so much, but I love my [personal] life more. And I realized throughout the years of being in this business that the only way to maintain some kind of sanity is to protect that which is most dear to you, which is your life and everyone that’s in it. [It] provides a sanity that gives me the ability to be insane by playing other people and living in other bodies for a long period of time, and then coming back home and knowing that my roots are so grounded that it’s easy for me to go back to being myself. The only way I can continue having that is by absolutely avoiding the questions that are asked.”

On becoming Nina Simone for “Nina”:
“It’s one of the scariest projects I’ve ever been involved with because it was about an iconic figure, and there were so many political [issues] around it from the beginning, but I really wanted it to be a love song to Nina Simone and I wanted it to just come from a place of absolute love. I can’t stop to think about who thinks me to be black enough or not black enough. I know who I am. I like who I am. And I’m not going to explain who I am. I’ve always been like that—I was raised to be that way.”

On her move to DR:
“It was culture shock at first. Kids are going to poke at whatever is foreign to them, and here we come: these three girls speaking English. We’re also very intelligent and kind of sassy, and we were going to a very prestigious private school and we were one of the least fortunate families. Kids tend to be a little cruel to what they don’t know. But even though throughout those years we kind of suffered because we got bullied, as soon as we left we just became these forces. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and it was not going to kill us, trust me!”


Kris Jenner Gushes Over Baby North West [Video]


Kris Jenner can’t stop gushing about her granddaughter North West.

Jenner sat down with E! News correspondent Guiliana Rancic to discuss how it feels to be a grandma for the third time. her new talk show and how Kim Kardashian is adjusting to motherhood.

It’s definitely heaven, when your baby has a baby. It’s the time of my life,” she says.

And just how does baby North look?

She continues, “She’s beautiful, she’s just beautiful.”

Movie Trailer: ‘War Horse’ From Steven Spielberg

Lady Gaga To Release Christmas Album

 Lady Gaga fans get ready because Mother Monster is planning on releasing a Christmas album. Gaga s known for her eclectic demeanor, but her upcoming Christmas album will show the “Pokerface” singer in a new light.
Lady Gaga’s Christmas album will be a  record of traditional jazz hits.

Gaga told the Financial Times newspaper the following: “I thought it would be really sweet to do a Christmas release of Gaga and the jazz standards. I really want to do it. I’ve spoken to my manager.”

Lady Gaga;s new album, Born This Way, is expected to knock Adele’s album  from the top of the album charts. If this happens, it will end Adele’s 16-week run on the charts.

Source- Financial Times

Out & About: Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa in Brentwood


Couple Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa were spotted walking hand-in-hand leaving the Country Mart in Brentwood on Feb. 7. The pair didn’t have their children with them and  seemed to be focused on just spending some quality time with one another. Oddly enough when the media got wind of these two being together, they thought they’d never last, but here they are.

Nicki Minaj signs a fan’s boobage


Nicki Minaj has been in London for the past week. And even though her fans got her kicked out of her hotel, she’s still smiling.  The rapper has never been one to turn down a fan wanting an autograph. And as you can see from the picture above, and the ones below, she obliged a fan’s request to have her breasts signed.  Nicki doesn’t look too happy, but all int eh name of fame.


Did Regis Philbin really retire or did he quit?



A few days ago we told you that Regis Philbin was retiring from Live With Regis and Kelly. Now TMZ is reporting that Philbin didn’t really retire, instead he quit after salary negotiations fell through.

According to TMZ, a source close to the show said that Philbin’s agent, Jim Griffin, tried to get  the talk show host  a new contract when his current deal expired.  ABC and the other powers that be, made it clear that Regis would be getting a pay cut due to the show’s dwindling viewership and the host’s plethora of off-days .


Here’s how TMZ is eporting the rest of the story:

Regis, we’re told, was angry at the offer and that was the trigger for his announcement this week that he’s leaving the show.

TMZ first reported … Regis told Kelly Ripa about his decision 15 minutes before they went on the air. Initially we were told she was stunned but not angry. Now we’ve learned she was furious — partly because, as one source says, “She felt it showed a total lack of respect for her.”

We’re told the entire production team is angry at Regis because they feel he hurt the show by blindsiding everyone.

As for Regis’ agent, Jim Griffin, Reeg fired him. We’re told Regis feels Griffin did not negotiate the upcoming deal effectively.



Source: TMZ

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