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Madonna Covers Harper’s Bazaar Magazine



Madonna takes over her own interview for the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

In this issue Madge reflects on her career, her marriages, motherhood and much more.

Check out some snippets from her interview below. For the full interview, visit

On what was considered norm when she was a teen:

Teenagers want to fit in on one hand and be rebellious on the other. Drinking beer and smoking weed in the parking lot of my high school was not my idea of being rebellious, because that’s what everybody did. And I never wanted to do what everybody did. I thought it was cooler to not shave my legs or under my arms. I mean, why did God give us hair there anyways? Why didn’t guys have to shave there? Why was it accepted in Europe but not in America? No one could answer my questions in a satisfactory manner, so I pushed the envelope even further. I refused to wear makeup and tied scarves around my head like a Russian peasant. I did the opposite of what all the other girls were doing, and I turned myself into a real man repeller. I dared people to like me and my nonconformity.

On studying Kabbalah:

When the world discovered I was studying Kabbalah, I was accused of joining a cult. I was accused of being brainwashed. Of giving away all my money. I was accused of all sorts of crazy things. If I became a Buddhist—put an altar in my house and started chanting “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”—no one would have bothered me at all. I mean no disrespect to Buddhists, but Kabbalah really freaked people out. It still does. Now, you would think that studying the mystical interpretation of the Old Testament and trying to understand the secrets of the universe was a harmless thing to do. I wasn’t hurting anybody. Just going to class, taking notes in my spiral notebook, contemplating my future. I was actually trying to become a better person.

On her decision adopting her first child:

Then I decided that I had an embarrassment of riches and that there were too many children in the world without parents or families to love them. I applied to an international adoption agency and went through all the bureaucracy, testing, and waiting that everyone else goes through when they adopt. As fate would have it, in the middle of this process a woman reached out to me from a small country in Africa called Malawi, and told me about the millions of children orphaned by AIDS. Before you could say “Zikomo Kwambiri,” I was in the airport in Lilongwe heading to an orphanage in Mchinji, where I met my son David. And that was the beginning of another daring chapter of my life. I didn’t know that trying to adopt a child was going to land me in another shit storm. But it did. I was accused of kidnapping, child trafficking, using my celebrity muscle to jump ahead in the line, bribing government officials, witchcraft, you name it. Certainly I had done something illegal!

On being daring:

When you’re 25, it’s a little bit easier to be daring, especially if you are a pop star, because eccentric behavior is expected from you. By then I was shaving under my arms, but I was also wearing as many crucifixes around my neck as I could carry, and telling people in interviews that I did it because I thought Jesus was sexy. Well, he was sexy to me, but I also said it to be provocative. I have a funny relationship with religion. I’m a big believer in ritualistic behavior as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. But I’m not a big fan of rules. And yet we cannot live in a world without order. But for me, there is a difference between rules and order. Rules people follow without question. Order is what happens when words and actions bring people together, not tear them apart. Yes, I like to provoke; it’s in my DNA. But nine times out of 10, there’s a reason for it.


Ben Harper & Laura Dern Finalize Divorce




Laura Dern and Ben Harper have finalized their divorce. This comes after the pair spent more than a year trying to reconcile.

Harper, 43, served Dern with divorce papers back in 2010; blindsiding the actress after five years of marriage.  In 2012, however, the couple made an attempt to get back together.

They tried to work things out, but a few months later Dern decided she wanted out  filed a response to her husband’s original divorce petition, TMZ reported.

Dern, 46, asked for primary custody of their kids, but the terms and conditions of their divorce settlement is confidential.  Dern and Harper have two children together.


Source – NY Daily News



Scarlett Johansson Covers Harper’s Bazaar UK [October]


Scarlett Johansson gets political in the new issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Johansson was photographed by Alexi Lubomirski for this feature. In this issue,  The actress reveals why she thinks Hilary Clinton would make a great president and she even hints at going into politics herself.


Check out some snippets from her Harper’s Bazaar UK interview below.

On  going into politics in the future:
“I don’t limit the possibilities. If I have more time, I may be able to lend a bigger voice to politics. I never close the door on those kind of things. Luckily, I’m relatively uninteresting. I’ve always tried, as much as possible, to keep a prying eye at arm’s length, which doesn’t always work in my favor – but I think if you establish that early on, you remain relatively unscathed.”

On rooting for Hillary Clinton for president in 2016:
“I think Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful president. I think we could only benefit from having someone in office who has been a mother. Women have a different perspective and appreciation of humanity because of that maternal instinct… [Clinton] can only be a step forward.

On exercising her rights as an American citizen:
“I come from a politically active family. More than anything else, I believe that if everyone exercised the right to vote, the right choice would be made by the nation as a whole.



Scarlett Johansson for Harper’s Bazaar Aus [September]



Scarlett Johansson covers the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar Australia.
The actress is sporting Dolce & Gabbana on the cover. Johansson was photographed (with what looks like a wind machine or fan) by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Carine Roitfeld.
This issue of Harper’s Bazaar is on sale now!

Sofia Vergara’s a Modern Woman for the New Issue of Harper’s Bazaar


Sofia Vergara covers Harper’s Bazaar.

The fancy-free actress throws caution to the wind and looks glamorous in a high-fashion photo shoot for the magazine. Inside this issue, Vergara chats about her success, her fiance Nick, why her role on Modern Family is perfect for her and much more.

On her favorite thing about Modern Family:

“I would be lying to you if I didn’t say the success of it. For me, it has allowed me to do the things I always wanted—my endorsements.”

 On her Modern Family character:
“I don’t think there’s ever going to be a better part for me,” she says. “But I do think—and my son and boyfriend agree with me—that I could play a crazy psychopath. I’m not joking.”
On how she met her fiance:
“We started fighting from the beginning.” This was at the Sunset Tower, after the Golden Globes a few years ago. Vergara was there celebrating in her “gigantic dress,” and she and Nick “got stuck together at a table. So we started harassing each other, and then I saw him and I was like …” She pops her eyes open wide. “He’s really handsome. He’s six foot four, and he has blue eyes and a lot of black hair.” Vergara pauses. “Or it used to be black. Now it’s got a lot of white in it. Nick says all the white hair came from me.”
On learning how to live with another person:
“I’m very independent, so it’s been a process for me, learning to live with somebody,” she admits. “I love the apartment in L.A. because it has his-and-hers bathrooms. I’m very organized and clean, and he’s messy, so I close his door, and I don’t have to see his…mess.”
On what has made her successful:
“You know, I think what has made me successful is that I have no need to prove anything to anyone,” Vergara muses toward the end of our lunch. “There are so many actresses who stop working because they take themselves too seriously—gorgeous women, but no roles. I don’t have those insecurities; I’m very thankful that they’re casting me. Now that I’m getting more secure with acting, I’m sure I could do other things. For example, I know I could do a psychopath.” She grins and then shrugs. “But it’s not like I go to my agent and say, ‘You have to make me in Schindler’s List 2.'”

Check out Sofia Vergara Eats $1K Gold Sundae at Serendipity below.

About the video:

From talking curves and designers to eating the world’s most expensive ice-cream sundae, the Season 3 premiere of Harper’s Bazaar holds nothing back as Executive Editor Laura Brown interviews Sofia Vergara. Chatting at a table in the New York landmark Serendipity, Sofia Vergara spills which celebrities she thinks are the most stylish and what’s inside her makeup bag while Laura Brown returns the love with the legendary $1,000 gold-leaf sundae. The cheeky sit-down gives an insightful view into Sofia’s true personality and loves.


Gwyneth Paltrow for Harper’s Bazaar Russia [July]


Gwyneth Paltrow looks matronly on the July cover of Harper’s Bazaar Russia.
The same cover, which was photographed by Daniel Jackson, was used for the US version of the Summer Fashion Issue of Harper’s Bazaar.
The veil Paltrow is sporting on the cover is from Christian Dior’s Spring 2013 Couture Collection/
Photo credit: Daniel Jackson

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers Harper’s Bazaar Magazine [May ’13]

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