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Eddie Murphy “Red Light” Ft. Snoop Lion [Audio]


Eddie Murphy is back to making music.

The Comedian released a  Reggae song called “Red Light” with rapper Snoop Lion. So far, the song has received mixed reviews. The song in vintage Reggae; if you’re expecting to hear a song similiar to what Shaggy or Sean Paul puts out then, you’ll be disappointed.

The song serves s the first official single from Murphy’s upcoming solo album, 9.  The official music video for “Red Light” will premiere on Vevo on September 9.

This isn’t Muprhy’s first stab at music. In 1985, he released the song “Party All the Time.” He also released the song ” Whatzupwitu” in 1993, which featured Michael Jackson.

Take a listen to “Red Light” below.

Celine Dion Talks New Album, ‘Loved Me Back To Life’


Celine Dion is gearing up for the release of her  upcoming 25 studio album, Loved Me Back To Life; her first in six years.

The Canadian-born singer promises this album will be her edgiest yet. The album will feature tracks written by Ne-Yo, and Sia .  It also includes collaborations with Babyface, and Tricky Stewart.  Celine Dion sat down with Billboard to dish on her new album and what fans can expect.

“Loved Me Back To Life,” hits iTunes on September 3.

Loved Me Back to Life, the album, drops November 5, 2013.

Dion on trying a different approach:

“There was a point in my career I can remember for maybe 10 years it was all about, ‘Who’s gonna hold a note longer? Who’s gonna sing the note higher?’ And that’s what the industry demanded. It’s not that we were in competition with each other. None of the singers who were doing that stuff wanted that… It has to evolve at some point, even if it’s just for yourself. I can’t wait to go onstage and sing these songs.”

On writers taking a chance on her, despite not releasing an album in six years:

“I’ve been gone for six years. There’s a time where you think, ‘Do you think people will write songs for me?'” she says. “I’m at the mercy of the songs because I don’t write my material. But I could not believe what I was hearing. I’m not trying to reinvent myself, I don’t want people to think. ‘This is a brand new Celine,’ but I am at a place in my career where I’m 45, I’m at the peak of my life, and I’ve never felt like this before. I want to have a good time.”

Christina Aguilera “Let There Be Love” [Music Video]


Christina Aguilera celebrates life and love in the music video for “Let There Be Love.”

The video is probably Aguilera’s most personal project to-date, she’s not dolled up or on a set. Instead, Xtina opted to include random people from all races express themselves in the video.

The music video coincides with the recent letter Aguilera penned for her fans; a message that tells people to embrace who they are and accept their flaws.

Get “Let There Be Love” on iTunes now!

K. Michelle “Rebellious Soul” Sampler [Audio]



K. Michelle has a big treat for fans!

Her album, Rebellious Soul, drops August 13, but the singer has released a sampler of tracks from the album for your listening pleasure.

The sampler contains five songs –“Can’t Raise A Man,” “Damn,” “Hate On Her,” ” I Don’t Like Me,” “When I Get A Man”–  which can be streamed via SoundCloud.

so far, the album has received positive reviews from critics and fans.

Take a listen below.

Britney Spears “Ooh La La” from The Smurfs 2 Soundtrack [Music Video]


Britney Spears is larger than life in the music video for “Ooh La La.”

The song is from the upcoming Smurfs 2 movie, which hits theaters on July 31.

In addition to showing clips from the movie, the music video has Spears dancing and hobnobbing with The Smurfs in their village. There’s even a special guest appearance by Spears’ sons – Jayden James and Sean Preston.

“Ooh La La” is now available on iTunes.

Single Artwork: One Direction “Best Song Ever”



One Direction  gave their fans a treat, by revealing the artwork for their song “Best Song Ever.”

The band mates took to Twitter to reveal the artwork, which consists of a collage of photos featuring the  band members on tour.

One Direction tweeted, “So you know we MIGHT have mentioned revealing the #BestSongEverCover…? HERE YOU GO! What do you think?!”The guys are slated to perform the song at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards.

Sean Paul – “Entertainment” ft. Juicy J & 2 Chainz [Official Audio]


Rapper Sean Paul of YoungBloodz has dropped the first official single from his upcoming album.

The song is called “Entertainment” and features popular emcees Juicy J and  2 Chainz. The song is currently available for digital download on iTunes and Amazon. No current news on Sean Paul’s studio album has been given.

Download “Entertainment” on iTunes

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