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Miley Cyrus Covers ELLE Japan [August]



Miley Cyrus covers the august issue of ELLE Japan.

Cyrus has been the talk-of-the-town, from being mentioned in Jay-Z’s “Somewhere in America,” to being praised by Nicki Minaj for her image evolution.

Not the former tween star is covering another magazine. The cover of the Japan issue of ELLE is the same photo used for the June 2013 issue of ELLE US (below).


Elle Japan FB

Elle Japan

Jason Behr, KaDee Strickland Expecting Their First Child

Ne-Yo Defends His Hairline On Twitter



(February 16, 2011 - Photo by Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty Images North America)


Looks like someone might have hurt Ne-Yo‘s feelings.  It’s very rare to see Ne-Yo without a hat on his head nowadays. This of course could be a signature style for him or it could be due to the singer’s follicle issues. Well it seems as though someone on Twitter commented on Ne-Yo’s hairline and it set him off.  In trying to defend himself, Ne-Yo made matters worse and his tweets made his followers commented even further on his hairline. Check out his tweets below.

Charity work is always great, especially when you don’t brag about it.


Ne-Yo has a few choice words for hackers and album-leakers

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Monyetta Shaw and Ne-Yo attend the 2010 Angel Ball to Benefit Gabrielle's Angel Foundation at Cipriani Wall Street on October 21, 2010 in New York City.

Singer Ne-Yo is currently in Japan promoting his latest album Libra Scale. The album has already hit Japan and coincidentally the US. Only problem is, the album isn’t slated to be released until next month. So just like any artist would, Ne-Yo got upset and decide to “ahem” address his “haters,” hackers and people who leak music. Read Ne-Yo’s rant below. Please be advised that the following message contains profanity.

Salutations all. I’m in japan and my album officially came out today out here. Today is a day that I SHOULD be very happy, but it has been brought to my attention that my album was hacked and leaked in the U.S. roughly a month before it’s U.S. release.

Initially this angered me. It’s stealing plain n’ simple. But then I started thinking. Why do I make music….? To sell records, make money, or is it because I love it, love how it touches people, how it helps people? The honest answer is both…

However, my love for music and it’s effect on people, outweighs my desire to simply sell records, or get that number one debut spot.

In a time where people buy their status and falsify their success, can those things really be that important to me? The answer is no.

So with that said, I’ve come to this place of mental peace. No longer stressing people that steal the music, how it’ll effect my sales. The bottom line is, I worked hard on this project. The music, the concept, the whole lot is for the people, respect or not.

So if you as a fan give a damn about me, buy the album when it comes out. If you don’t care, go get it off the internet. Your choice.

Ether way, the music, the concept, the whole lot, served it’s purpose. It gave the people something quality to vibe to. I’m not solely in the business of selling records. I’m in the business of making art. That’s what an artist does, period.

So with that twit fam and haters alike, I bid you farewell for now, and leave you with this….


Source: Ne-Yo Slams Hackers After Album Leak | ..::That Grape Juice // .. || Thirsty?

Lady Gaga graces VOGUE [Hommes Japan]

In July, we showed you pictures of Lady Gaga dressed as a man for Vogue [Hommes Japan]. Now we have the official Vogue cover from that shoot.  These two covers display pictures that we hadn’t posted before.

If anyone knows what these covers are saying in Japanese, please let me know because I have no idea.

Whitney Houston’s Japan performance pictures

Whitney Houston appears to be happier than she’s been in a very long time. The singer rocked the house as she performed in Saitama, near Tokyo, Japan, today. She looks great ans she’s the prime example of a woman who can rock an outfit and not have it all hang out! Pictures via  The Whitney Vault/ JOHNONIPPY

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