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*NSYNC Reunion Sparks JC Chasez Comeback Rumor



*NSYNC stole the show at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards. Even though they only performed one song, fans were still excited to see the band back together. JC Chasez even had a shining moment as he was heard singing a riff and run as he exited the stage. And now that stolen moment could turn into something bigger.

According to Oh No They Didnt, an industry source says that  since the VMAs, Chasez’s camp has been inundated with calls about getting the singer back into the studio to record his own music or to partner up with other artists.

“Everyone saw that he can sing his ass off still, he looks great and he can dance,” the source says. “They remembered that he has an amazing voice, that he was ‘N Sync’s soul guy.”

Chasez released a solo album, Schizophrenia, back in 2004 but he never achieved the mainstream success that Justin Timberlake currently has. Chasez has spent a lot of time behind-the-scenes molding other artists, but fans want to hear music from his mouth.

“He has more music that he never released,” the source said.

Since his shift from boy-band to exec, Chasez has produced and written for artists such as David Archuleta, Backstreet Boys, and band McFly. He is currently working on launching the all-girl group, Girl Radical.

“Two minutes after seeing everybody you feel like no time has passed,” he said on Monday morning on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “Essentially everybody has remained the same. And again, we all see each other at different times, working on different things, but this is the first time that we had a rehearsal together in over 10 years. So everybody’s going, ‘Can we go through this slowly one more time?’

“That part was pretty funny,” he added, “But…30 minutes from the rehearsal, everything is memory, muscle memory, and everything started to click, and before you know it we were good to go.”

Source – Oh No They Didn’t!







Nicki Minaj To Reveal Sophomore Album Details In September

Nicki Minaj (AKA Head-Barbie-In-Charge) has kept a tight-lip when it comes to her sophomore album. But the female emcee did let a few, and I do mean a few, details slip during an interview with KIIS FM radio. Minaj told JoJo that she would reveal her album details some time in September.

You’ll get another album within 12 months,” she told KIIS FM’s JoJo. “You’ll get the announcement for the next album in—and I’m saying the announcement—that you’ll get the announcement in September. That’s all.”

Okay, so that wasn’t much information, but she can’t give everything away. Nicki is currently touring with mentor Lil ‘Wayne on his  “I Am Still Music Tour.” You can also catch Ms.  Barbie on Britney Spears “Femme Fatale Tour” this summer (June).

Information via: Rap-Up

Photos from Katy Perry’s 2010 KIIS FM Jingle Ball performance

This past weekend, some of the industry’s hottest acts performed at The KIIS FM Jingle Ball 2010 Concert. Katy Perry brought down the house by performing a medley of her songs, some of which included: “Teenage Dream,” ” Firework” and “California Gurls.” Perry decided to have some fun with her peformance and instead of wearing a dress, she wore a snowman costume.

Photos by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Chad OchoCinco confirms engagement to Evelyn Lozada

Getty Images
In an interview with Ryan Seacrest yesterday, NFLer Chad Ochocinco confirmed his engagement to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada.
Here’s what  Ochocinco said in his interview with Seacrest:
“Yeah, man … It’s time for me to sit down,” he said when Ryan Seacrest asked Tuesday on his KIIS FM radio show if engagement rumors were true. “Enough is enough. I’m 32, you know, my days are over.”

Rumors began circulating about a possible engagement between Ochocinco and Lozada after Evelyn was seen sporting  a 10-carat ring from the football player.

Although Ochocinco initially  shied away from talking about the supposed rumor, the NFLer isn’t afraid to speak-up now.

“You know how you deal with this person, that person, but you can’t ever find everything in one individual?” he asked Seacrest. “I think I found everything I’ve been looking for in one person. [She’s] everything I’ve been missing.”
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