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Rapper Da Brat Gets Michael Jackson Tattoo

Rapper Da Brat was in prison when The King Of Pop, Michael Jackson, passed away in June 2009. After serving a 3-year bid in prison for assaulting a Hostess in an Atlanta night club, the rapper was released in March. Jermaine Dupri tweeted a link to the picture of the tattoo (shown above) on Da Brat’s leg. Even if you aren’t a MJ fan, you have to admit that the detail on this tattoo is sick!

Da Brat is planning to release some new music as well as a autobiography called “Insubordination” in the coming months.

“The book is pretty much about my life and lot of things that I have been through that nobody knows that I have been through, except the people close to me and my family,” Da Brat told The BoomBox in March. “I think it’s a great book. It’s probably going to end up being some type of movie. I’m not trying to brag on it but everybody who reads it, they can’t put it down!”


Rapper 50 Cent talks about working on Michael Jackson record



November 4, 2010 - Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images


Many have counted 50 Cent out in terms of being able to make records, but now that he has collaborated with the late King of Pop on the song “Monster”, people have renewed their faith in the rapper. The video below shows 50 Cent speaking candidly about Michael Jackson and what is was like to work on the record. Many speculate that  the vocals on the new Michael record are not Michael Jackson’s, only time will tell.


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