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La Toya Jackson Learned of Sister Janet’s Marriage Through The Media


Janet Jackson has always tried to keep her personal life away from the public eye. And even though she’s close to her family, it seems she kept her marriage a secret from both her family and the public.

During a recent interview with Essence magazine, La Toya Jackson revealed that she and other members of her family learned of Janet’s marriage to  Wissam Al Mana through the media.

“You know what? I didn’t know that Jan was married until I heard it in the media,” Jackson said during a luncheon to promote her new reality show.

She continued, “It’s true! Most of the family members—no one really knew. Not at all. You’d be surprised how you’d find out things in the media.”

So was La Toya bothered by not knowing Janet was married before the media? Even though she hasn’t met Al Mana, she isn’t upset she didn’t know before the public. “I know that in my family a lot of times you keep things private because you don’t want anybody to know,” she explained. “Nobody knew, really. I have not met him at all.”

Jackson says despite the family’s troubles with one another in the past, everything is fine.”It’ll be fine! When it’s there, it’s fine. I don’t know what it is, but everything’s fine!”



LaToya Jackson Dishes on Celebrity Apprentice, Star Jones & More


(January 4, 2011 - Photo by Toby Canham/Getty Images North America)

LaToya Jackson was heavily criticized on the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice. Although she tried to defend herself, it ell on deaf ears.  Jackson sat down for a Q&A inteview with about Celebrity Apprentice, Star Jones and her brother Michael. Read the interview below.


Is the Celebrity Apprentice as vicious as it seems on television?
I have to be honest with you. What you’re getting is what’s really happening and what’s taking place. What you see is what you truly get. There is a lot left out as well—it’s even more intense than what you are seeing.
Did you have any hesitation about doing the show?
When I was approached in the beginning, I was a bit hesitant. After a while I decided this would be good because it will add awareness to the charity I’m working with.

Tell us about your charity, AIDS Project Los Angeles.
AIDS Project Los Angeles is a charity that my brother Michael was involved in. He is in the Guinness Book of World records for giving to the most charities in the entire world. He had donated $400 million of his own personal money to charity. I decided to move forward and try to help those charities that he was involved with. By AIDS Project Los Angeles being right here in my backyard, I decided to cling to them more. I’ve been working with them ever since Michael passed.

Allegedly, Nene and Star have reconciled. Do you think you’d ever invite Star Jones to the Jackson family house for dinner?
Absolutely not! My family doesn’t need to be around anything of that nature.

You said in a recent interview that we are going to see the Joe Jackson come out of you during Celebrity Apprentice. How do you think Joe Jackson would react to Star Jones?
He would immediately shut her down and put her in her place. I put as much Joe Jackson as I could in there, but it’s the strength that he has and how he protects his children. People don’t understand that and they take it the wrong way. That’s why we are where we are today—because of my father.

Who is the next Jackson that would be good for Celebrity Apprentice?
My brother Jermaine. It’s something that he would like to do. The Jacksons, as you all know, we’re all shy and very quiet and reserved people. I think Jermaine would just settle in there and it would bring a lot out of him.

We interviewed RuPaul a couple months ago, and he said this about you, “She’s always been my favorite Jackson because she has made her mistakes and worn them on the outside. I think people who have made mistakes, who have bumped their head, are the most interesting.” What’s your reaction to that comment from RuPaul?
That’s very kind of RuPaul, I appreciate that. I love RuPaul, he’s a wonderful person. This is what life is about, walking the path and making mistakes. No one is perfect. We’re thrown into this world, there’s no guidebook for it. You just figure out the best way you can. You learn and you move forward.

Of course, you know the BET audience loves Michael Jackson. Can you share with us a special moment you had with your brother?
Michael and I would go for drives all the time. One day, Bubbles came with us. He put Bubbles on his lap and let Bubbles do the driving. I said, “You’re going to wreck us!” [Laughs] He says, “No, I’m controlling him.” Bubbles was just driving away. I think it’s hilarious when I look back on that … I want to thank everybody who really stood by my brother and supported him. They knew what we had lost—a legend, especially when it came to the music industry. We were so grateful for the public. All of the fans who are supportive, it’s wonderful to see that. It lets you know there is a lot of love out there.

When you get to heaven, what is the DJ playing?

I love that question! I think he’s probably rejoicing. Maybe “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.


Q&A: LaToya Jackson Talks




Out & About: Latoya Jackson and Lisa from RHOBH



Latoya Jackson was seen having dinner with Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and her Pomeranian Gigalo at Villa Blanca on November 22, 2010. Not only were both women dressed to impress, but little Gigalo was dressed in her best outfit as well. View more pictures below.


Photos by

New Celebrity Apprentice cast hit the streets of New York for a task

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The men and women of the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice were busy with a new task on October 25, 2010.  Star Jones, Latoya Jackson, Mark McGrath, Jose Conseco, Marlee Matlin, Gary Busey, Lil’ Jon and Dionne Warwick were seen setting up a campsite somewhere in New York City.

Photos by

Latoya Jackson, Lil Jon, Dionne Warwick & other members of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ spotted making pizza

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Even though the regular season of  The Apprentice is already on the airwaves, filming for the upcoming season of The Celebrity Apprentice has already began.  Latoya Jackson, Mark McGrath, Lil Jon, Dionne Warwick, Gary Busey and other members of the cast were seen in full uniform making and selling pizza in front of Famiglia pizzeria on October 19, in New York.  As a whole, it looks like the cast is having fun.
The Celebrity Apprentice premieres in March  and the finale will air some time in May.

More pictures below.


The new cast of ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ has finally been revealed

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The new upcoming cast of The Celebrity Apprentice has finally been revealed.  Over the past week, various names from the new cast were leaked on the internet, and now we have the entire list.  Judging by the names on this list, this season just might have the most drama and the biggest audience. Talk about clash of the titans.

Gary Busey
Jose Canseco
David Cassidy
Hope Dworaczyk:
Richard Hatch
LaToya Jackson
Star Jones
NeNe Leakes
Lil Jon
Marlee Matlin
Mark McGrath
Meat Loaf
Lisa Rinna
Niki Taylor
Dionne Warwick


Photos from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ premiere party

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The latest installment of The Real Housewives saga is set to premiere in just a matter of days. The ladies from the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, were dressed-to-the-nines as they walked the red carpet. Latoya Jackson, Nikki Hilton and Paris Hilton were among those that attended the premiere party on October 11, 2010 in Los Angeles Califiornia.

Getty Images

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