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Matthew Knowles Hit with $1.2M Tax Bill


Beyonce’s father, Matthew Knowles, is in a bit of hot water with the IRS.

The IRS says he owes over $1.2 million in taxes over income he accumulated over the years.

Uncle Sam filed a large lien against Knowles, claiming he needs to pay back the taxes on the  years 2010 ($485,575.95) and 2011 ($728,004.89), which is a total of $1,213,580.84.

No word on when Knowles will hand over the cash, but with the years he spent managing Destiny’s Child and his daughter, paying back the money should not be an issue.

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Farrah Franklin’s Storage Unit Full Of Destiny’s Child Memorabilia Gets Put Up For Auction

Some very rare and sentimental items from Farrah Franklin’s storage unit is currently up for sale. How or why Franklin’s storage unit got sold to the public is not clear. But the person that bought it, is about to get rich.

There is currently an online auction for items that belonged to Franklin from her Destiny’s Child days. The lot includes pictures, contracts,old VIP passes, a key to the city of Houston she received, a birthday card, Michelle, Beyonce, Farrah and Kelly‘s signatures and much more.  Currently the lot is priced at $50,000, but there is an option to make the seller an offer.  Once the lot sells 10% of the final price will be given to The Humane Society of the United States.

To bid on this auction, or see the full list of items, click here. View pictures of the DC contracts she’s selling below.

Singer Michelle Williams Is Suprised Beyonce Split From Father

Former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams sat down with HipHollywood for an interview. In the interview Williams discusses the possibility of a Destiny’s Child reunion and she also  reveals why she’s shocked that Beyonce split from her father on a business level.  Check out the footage below.

Beyonce’s Father Will No Longer Manage Her Career

It looks like Matthew Knowles is out as daughter Beyonce’s manager. This news was officially announced yesterday. Beyonce’s publicist released a statement to The Associated Press statng that the father-daughter pair have split “on a business level.”  Of course this split is on a professional level solely, a Beyoncé added lovingly, “He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly.”

Matthew Knowles has managed Beyonce since she was a member of Destiny’s Child, where she got her start, and for the singer’s three solo albums. The “Halo” singer is currently working on her fourth studio album. Beyonce’s new management has not been announced yet.

Beyoncé dancing at a block party

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Getty Images

Singer Beyoncé Knowles wasn’t afraid to get her boogie on  a few weeks ago at a block party in West orange. The footage of Knowles surfaces yesterday as she  partied with the masses while visiting hubby Jay-Z‘s mom. The footage below is from September 18, 2010.

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