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Former ANTM Winner Eva Marcille Dishes on Pregnancy



Eva Marcille (Eva Pigford) is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend and bestfriend Kevin McCall.

The America’s Next Top Model winner  and McCall sat down with PEOPLE, to chat about her pregnancy experience so far.

On how amazed she is with the process;

“To see your stomach get bigger, to feel this leg kick inside of you, and then to see the baby, it’s like, ‘Whoa! There’s really a baby in there!’

On that pregnancy glow everyone talks about:
“It’s bulls––––.” She continues, “There is no glow! Your skin changes. It gets horrible … My hair is already oily, so I don’t need it to get any oilier, but it is. And I don’t need it to grow faster. I like my hair short.”

Even McCall couldn’t help but weigh-in on his glowing girlfriend.

McCall on Marcille’s current state:

“She makes up things to hate, because I think she looks great.”

McCall on having sympathy pains:

“You know how they say that when the woman gets pregnant, the guy gets pregnant too?” Marcille asks with a laugh. “He has all of the symptoms! He sleeps all day – granted, he’ll work all night – but he’s exhausted during the day, and he eats my pickles and some of the weirdest things ever.


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