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‘Tia & Tamera’ and ‘Giuliana & Bill’ Moving to E! Network


Two shows from the Style Network have already found a new home.

Tia & Tamera and Giuliana & Bill will both make their debuts on E! next month. Tia & Tamera will air Tuesdays at 9/8c, with Giuliana & Bill airing 10/9c, starting Oct. 15.

The Tia & Tamera show was in its third season, and Giuliana &  Bill in its sixth before NBCUniversal dissolved the network to make way for programing for the newly-formed, Esquire Network.

Whether or not both shows will be renewed for another season has yet to be determined.

NBCUniversal is still deciding on what shows, from Style, to move over to its sister affiliates.


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Shakira Reveals Losing the Baby Weight for ‘The Voice’ was Stressful



New mom Shakira gave birth to her gorgeous son, Milan just three months ago. Although the singer looks great, she admits that it was not an easy task.

“[Losing baby weight] is the only thing that’s been a little stressful,” she said during NBCUniversal’s press day.

“I knew I had to come back here to do The Voice two months after I had delivered a baby. I didn’t have my four months of maternity like every woman on earth has. I’m not trying to complain, but it’s been a process full of challenges.”

She continued, “I think that our mothers and grandmothers weren’t under the pressure women of today are after delivering a baby. My dad says there’s nothing better than meat over the bones. So he likes my mom a little chubby. She was never under the pressure to have to get to her old weight — and she never did.”

Shakira looks to be back in tip-top shape, but she says,  “I’m still a few pounds over.” o

So how did the “Hips Don’t Lie” singer lose the baby weight?

“I do Zumba. Zumba has been actually really great for me,” Shakira said. “Even during pregnancy, I kept doing it until almost the end.”

But, “now with The Voice, I don’t have time to exercise,” she continued. “And when I have a day off, I just want to be with Milan.”



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