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Ciara Predicts She Will Be A Bridezilla


Ciara is in full wedding planning mode.

The singer chatted with PEOPLE about her upcoming wedding to fiance Future.

“It’s going to be two parts,” Ciara told PEOPLE at the People’s Choice Awards nominations announcement last week. “We’re both from Atlanta and we have so many family and friends … it’s going to be hard to get everybody in one place, so we’re going to do a celebration part and a wedding.”

Ciara, 28, is making sure every little wedding detail is perfect. And though she doesn’t seem like the type, the singer believes she will be a Bridezilla.

“I think I’ll be part bridezilla, I’m not going to lie,” she said. “But I want to be a happy one! I still want it to be a fun process, but I want the dress to be perfect, I want the cake to be perfect, I want the food to be perfect.”

Ciara also plans to show off her curves, but still keep it classy. “I want to go a little vintage, a little throwback classic almost like my mom was walking down the aisle,” she said.

Future, 29, is just as meticulous when it comes to details, but he’s decided to take a back seat and let his future wife spearhead the planning.

“He gets to have his say and then he lets me go off and do my thing,” she said. “I know he’s going to want the fun part to be right. We’re both looking forward to it.”


BRAVO Reveals November Premiere Date Line-Up




Bravo has announced the November premiere dates for one brand new and five returning series. Check out the dates below.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6: Premieres Nov. 3 at 8pm ET/PT. This season, NeNe Leakes heads back to ATL living in Hollywood for one year.

Fashion Queens Season 2:  Premieres  Nov. 3 at 11:30pm ET/PT.  Atlanta-based celebrity hairstylists Derek J and Miss Lawrence, and Bevy Smith are back. The show will follow Watch What Happens Live.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 4 and Vanderpump Rules Season 2 share a crossover premiere on Nov. 4 from 8-10pm ET/PT. Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Foster, Kim Richards, Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump are joined by two new housewives: London-born Carlton Gebbia and former Miss Puerto Rico, Joyce Giruad de Ohoven.

Shahs of Sunset Season 3. Premieres Nov. 5  at 10pm ET/PT.

Thicker Than Water: Premieres Nov. 10 at 9 pm ET/PT. The show follows Ben and Jewel Tankard. The southern family integrates religion with its desire for the finer things in life. With the belief that “God wants us all to be millionaires,” the Tankards aim to be the best and brightest in everything they do, according to Bravo.

Source Yahoo TV

NeNe Leakes Returns for Seaosn 5 of “GLEE”


NeNe Leakes is making her way back to GLEE.

Leakes revealed her return as the loud mouth Coach Roz on Monday (Aug. 12)   when she tweeted she was reading a script.

She wrote, “Up late reading my Glee script Coach Roz is a beast! I love her”

According to E! News, Leakes will appear in multiple episodes.
No further details on the character or what she will be up to this time around have been given.

GLEE returns for its fifth season on September 26 at 9 p.m. EST on Fox.

Joan Rivers, Sean Combs to Guest Co-Host on Kris Jenner’s Talk Show



Kris Jenner is gearing up for the premiere of her talk show, and some big names will be helping her out.

According to CTV News, Sean “Diddy” Combs and Joan Rivers have already agreed to be Jenner’s co-host.

In a recent interview with E! News, Jenner revealed that she would be having guest co-hosts on her talk show every day.

 Kathie Lee Gifford, NeNe Leakes, Morris Chestnut,Tom Bergeron and Ryan Seacrest will all be taking a seat next to Jenner to co-host in upcoming episodes.

No word on if or when her daughters might make an appearance, but it would not be surprising in the least if they did.

Kris premieres July 15 on FOX, Check your local listings for air times.

Wendy Williams to Star in CHICAGO on Broadway this Summer

Celebrity Apprentice Cast Member Thinks NeNe Leakes Is “Unstable”

Virginia Sherwood/NBC

This season of The Celebrity Apprentice is like a drawn-out episode of Jerry Springer. And even though NeNe Leakes has been going around town bashing fellow cast mate Star Jones, from the way it looks on TV, NeNe is the one causing all the problems. Playboy Playmate Hope Dworaczyk spoke with E! Online exclusively and from the looks of it, she thinks NeNe might be a little bit unstable.

“It’s a mess,” Hope Dworaczyk tells Mark Malkin of E! Online. “Celebrity Apprentice looks a lot like the commercials for Celebrity Rehab.”

Hope is currently competing on behalf of Best Buddies.  Apparently she had no issues with Real Housewives star until she became project manager. “I liked Nene a lot until I had to be her boss,” she said. “I like her a lot until about [tonight’s] episode. It got a little weird after that. I had to tell her what to do and I don’t think anybody wants to take direction from someone who is a lot younger than them.”

Dworacyk said that NeNe was unpredictable. “One minute she was crying and opening up about herself and sharing something about the past that’s very very personal, and the next minute, she’s yelling,” she explained. “I think you can call it unstable.”After dealing with NeNe, Hope doesn’t blame Star Jones for getting a bodyguard.”It was out of control,” Dworacyk said. “I think if I had been yelled at and attacked the way Nene gets in Star’s face, I would have wanted a bodyguard, too.”

If you’re waiting to see Star and NeNe get into it, tune unto Celebrity Apprentice next week, check your local listings for airtime.

Star Jones Upset NeNe Leakes Is Friendly With Al Reynolds

(March 10, 2011 - Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images North America)

Star Jones’ nemesis NeNe Leakes has apparently become friendly with Jones’ ex-husband Al Reynolds, reports PopEater.

A source close to Jones say the former View host  is bothered that Nene would befriend Al knowing the drama he put her through. Read what the source had to say below:

“Star thinks it’s pathetic that these two has-beens have teamed up together,” a friend of Star’s tells me. “NeNe knows how much pain and hurt that man caused Star. For NeNe to suddenly befriend him tells you exactly what sort of woman she really is.”
Star learned from the mistake of inviting the public into the most intimate area of her private life when she filed for divorce in 2008, vowing not to discuss what really caused the end of her marriage from the banker seven years her junior. At the time, Star issued a statement, reading, “I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman.”

“Al will do anything to get back into the press, including hanging out with reality stars,” a friend of Star’s tells me. “But to be getting close and personal with a woman who has publicly stated she wouldn’t spit on your ex-wife if she was on fire is just desperate.”

NeNe Leakes Spending Time With Enemy Star Jones’ Ex-Husband |

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