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Ed Helms to Star in ‘Naked Gun’ Reboot



"Jeff, Who Lives At Home" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Ed Helms is the new Lieutenant Frank Drebin.

Fans of the Naked Gun film series know that name and soon the rest of the world will too. Helms is rumored to have signed on to play the lieutenant in the upcoming Naked Gun remake from Paramount Pictures.

Drebin was originally played by the late Leslie Nielsen. While Helms will maintain the character’s slapstick humor, there will be a few changes to the character to suit the times.

Per industry insiders, Helms’ version of Drebin will retain much of his original charm and humor but there will also be a new spin on the character.

No word on when the movie will hit theaters.


‘Friday The 13th’ Franchise Returns in 2015


If you thought Jason and his dusty mask were gone, then you’d be wrong

A new Friday the 13th is on the horizon and it’s expected to hit theaters Friday, March 13 of 2015.

According to journalist Ryan Turek, the flick’s producers are said to be creating a story from a ‘found footage’ angle – similar to The Blair Witch Project where the action takes place through supposed amateur video.

The plot and intricate details of the movie have not been revealed. Rumor has it that Platinum Dunes will return as producer of the film.

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