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What She Wore: Beyonce in $28 ‘Gypsy Warrior’ Bralette at Coney Island

Beyonce on the Cyclone for a photoshoot on Coney Island in Brooklyn, NYC

Beyonce caused a stir last week, as she shot a music video for a song called “XO” at Coney Island, in Brooklyn, NY.

On top riding the infamous Cyclone roller coaster, fans couldn’t help but marvel at her eclectic fashion choices for the day. The singer was seen wearing black platform booties, a pair of blue jeans, a hi-low shirt and Gypsy Warrior’s Play On Mesh Bralette top.
 The Play On Mesh Bralette retails for $28  at The top is the perfect garment to wear under tank tops or even with a blazer.



Laila Ali Shares How She Got Her Bikini Bod

Laila Ali Talks Being The Mother Of Two

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Boxing champ Laila Ali has her hands full these days. Ali gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Sydney on April 4 and now that she has two little ones to take care of,  she’s finding that it’s the double the work. Check out what Laila had to say in an exclusive interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop.

CBS: Congrats on the arrival of baby Sydney! How is she doing? What kind of baby is she? Are you getting any sleep?

LA: “Sydney is doing very well. She is a lot more fussy than my son was as a baby. If she is awake, she wants to be held all the time… by me. So I have my hands full. I’m up every couple of hours nursing, so I’m pretty much tired all the time.”

CBS: How are you adjusting to being a mom-of-two?

LA: “Having two is more than double the work. My son is almost 3 and he is very attached to me as well. I’m blessed to have a husband who is very helpful when it come to our son.”

CBS: Are you breastfeeding? If so, how is that going?

LA: “Yes, I am nursing exclusively. It is going very well. I’m working on getting my daughter to take a bottle so that I can get a break every once in a while.”

CBS: Can you share your birth story? Was it a natural birth? Quite different than your first birth?

LA: “I had a natural birth at the hospital. Labor was very hard, but I just kept thinking about meeting my girl for the first time.”

CBS: How’s Curtis Jr. adjusting to being a big brother?

LA: “Curtis is a loving big brother. He wakes up looking for his sister every morning so he can kiss her on her head.”

CBS: Any plans for his upcoming third birthday? What’s he into these days?

LA: “No plans yet. I need to get on top of it now. He’s turning 3 and just wants to have fun so we won’t overdo it. He loves trains and planes.”

CBS: Tell us about your hair care and skin care line, Laila Ali Professional and Laila Ali Derm Essentials. We hear it’s available in Walmart?

LA: “My product is available at Walmart which is great because now it is available to everyone. Creating my own line of beauty products has always been a goal. And, although there are a lot of celebrity licensed products on the market, there are not a lot of new choices for women of color. This line works really well AND is earth-friendly and non-toxic. It’s professional grade, sulfate-free and it’s made with premium formulations.”

CBS: Tell us about joining forces with the new espnW campaign.

LA: “I am the current President of the Women’s Sports Foundation, whose purpose is to promote sports, health and education among girls and women. As such, getting behind espnW, “the worldwide leader in sports,” is important because we want girls and women to have a place to go to become inspired and empowered by watching themselves! Also, it’s important to know that espnW has gotten behind the WSF, as we’re its official charity.”

CBS: We hear you’re updating your Facebook page with a Get Fit Challenge.

LA: “I gained 40 lbs during my second pregnancy. I still have about 25-30 lbs to get off. Given the problem we have with obesity in this country, I thought this would be a good opportunity to challenge myself, and to challenge those who want to participate, to get fit now. Losing weight, getting fit and getting healthy does not have to be a New Year’s resolution. The time is now!”

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Laila Ali Welcomes Baby Sydney


Boxer Laila Ali has a new addition to her family. Ali and husband Curtis Conway welcomed a healthy baby girl named Sydney on Monday, April 4.

A;o tweeted the following message after Sydney was born: “I had my baby girl this morning! Sydney arrived on her due date at 3am! Everyone is happy and healthy.”
The 33-year-old and Curtis, 40, also have a son together  Curtis ‘C.J.’ Muhammad Jr., 2½.

Conway has 3 older children from his first wife.

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