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Miley Cyrus Gets ‘Rolling $tone’ Tattoo on her Feet


Miley Cyrus has a new tattoo to match her Rolling Stone feature.

The “Wrecking Ball’ singer posted a photo on Instagram of her latest tattoo. The singer has the word “ROLLING” tatted on her right foot and the world “$TONE” tatted on her left foot.

Cyrus got the tattoos in August during her interview with a  journalist for her Rolling Stone cover story.

This isn’t Cyrus’ first tattoo. The singer has a dream catcher on her rib cage, a cross of two arrows on her right elbow, “Just Breath” below her chest, “Love” on the inside of her right ear and a heart on her right hand. She allegedly has a total of 20 tattoos.

Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty” Ft. 2 Chainz [Music Video]



“Talk Dirty” is the second single off of Jason Derulo‘s third studio album, Tattoos. And now the video, featuring some sexy women and 2 Chainz is here.

Derulo doesn’t disappoint as he shows off his amazing dance skills once again. The video is very colorful and even features some pretty talented trumpet players. Check out the video below.




Album Artwork: Jason Derulo – “Tattoos”



The album artwork for Jason Derulo‘s upcoming third studio album, Tattoos, has been unveiled.

The artwork (above) shows an illustrated version of Derulo with a set of Photoshopped tattoos on his neck and ears. The most noticeable tat has the name of his album written in various colors.

Tattoos is available for U.S. pre-order. The album drops September 24.

Amber Rose Gets Tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s Face

T-Pain Gets “Facebook” Tattoo

Looks like tattoos are the newest fad once again. This time around T-Pain has sparked attention by posting a picture of his Facebook inspired tattoo. The ink reads “You Don’t Have to Like Me” with that infamous thumbs-up “Like” option that the social networking site is known for.   Which one is more ridiculous, this or Gucci Mane‘s ice cream tat?


Brandy Fixes Elephant Tattoo


A few weeks ago, Brandy showed off the new tat on her wrist. While some people liked the tattoo, others thought the elephant’s trunk resembled a penis. TMZ got the scoop on the situation and received pictures of Brandy;s altered tattoo (shown above).

Apparently, when Brandy posted the picture of her tattoo, it wasn’t finished. Once Brandy got wind of what was being said about her tattoo, she headed back to have it fixed.

The artist, Peter Koskela, told TMZ the following:  “I wanted to fix the offending tip … remove the whole phallic aspect. I told her I’d just swing it upwards.

Pretty big tattoo for her wrist, but at least she got it fixed.

Brandy's Elephant Tat — Now With Less Tip! |

Gucci Mane’s Ice Cream Tattoo Artist Speaks

Last week rapper Gucci Mane made headlines after getting a tattoo of  three scoops of ice cream cone on his face. Many thought the rapper was drunk, high or even mentally un-well. Now, the tattoo artist that did Mane’s tattoo ( Shane Willoughby) is speaking out on what he witnessed, how Mane acted and his two cents.

Shane Willoughby begins by saying that Gucci was completely sober and he doesn’t work on people who are high or drunk. 

“I was hesitant like ‘Are you sure you want to put that much ink in that area? He came straight to the counter and that’s where he pointed. I won’t tattoo anybody if their drunk or high because I can’t stand the smell of weed. Gucci seemed completely sober. He knew what he was doing. When Gucci said he wanted to do the ice cream thing I said ‘Well why don’t we do it somewhere else?’ But he was like I don’t have anywhere else. He said ‘I want something rock ‘n roll.’ There’s nothing more rock ‘n roll then lightening bolts.. I don’t think I’ll ever do that again, no matter how successful the celebrity. He was stoked. Had no regrets was jumping up and down. That’s the way he rolls

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