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‘Two and a Half Men’ To Add Gay Character, Charlie’s Daughter



A lot of changes are happening over at CBSTwo and a Half Men.

The show is reportedly adding a gay character, and she happens to be Charlie Harper‘s long-lost daughter.

According to E! Online, the new character is named Jenny, and is described as “sexy and gorgeous.”  Her character will make her first appearance in the season 11 premiere of Two and a Half Men. Jenny is 21-years-old and just moved  from NY to Los Angeles, California.

No actress has been cast as Jenny yet. The character will start out as a recurring , but E! Online says the character could possibly become a series regular in the future.

Both Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher  will be back as series regulars on the show.Angus T. Jones, however, is not expected to return as a regular. His character, Jake, will recur instead.

“Two and a Half Men” premieres Thursday, Sept. 26 at 9:30 p.m. ET on CBS



Mike Epps As Charlie Sheen! “Im Winning”



(January 5, 2010 - Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images North America)


Charlie Sheen continues to make his rounds and do TV interviews and such. He garnered over  1-million followers in les than three days and now he’s being parodied ll over the place. If you love #tigerblood and stay #winning, then you might enjoy Mike Epp‘s parody of Charlie Sheen.


Brooke Mueller’s father comfirms rehab stint

After weeks of speculation, Brooke Mueller, wife of  Charlie Sheen, is in rehab. No one knows for sure what happened  this past Christmas between the couple, but Mueller’s stepfather, Jon Fiore, has confirmed that  that she is in Two Dreams Outer Banks treatment center

Here’s what dear ole dad had to say:

“She is there. But it’s a recovery place, and it is in a resort setting and the picture I’d like to paint more is that she’s seeking help she wants to, she dealing with this. This is a lot to deal with and I commend her for finally, you know, she couldn’t go back to the house, what is she going to do? With all the problems and the stress?

“She’s getting help and her mother is with her. I commend her for that. The positiveness of this is that she is recognizing that she needs help and she can’t do it on her own.”

“The main thing is it is all about the kids. It really is. These kids are gorgeous, I miss them dearly. I was with them for a month straight and they’re just incredible kids.

“They’re young enough and hopefully this will all be behind them. The kids are still in California with Charlie and the nanny.”

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